Elden Ring: All Whetblade Locations

When it comes to creating builds, Elden Ring stands unparalleled in providing freedom compared to other soulsborne games. From straightforward raw Strength or Dexterity setups to intricate hybrids like Dexterity/Intelligence builds, the game’s design encourages diverse approaches. The key to this diversity lies in the wide variety of weapon affinities available.

Affinities have been a staple in FromSoft’s soulsborne titles. Every veteran in this genre is well aware of the meanings of Quality, Keen, Heavy, and other affinities. Elden Ring goes a step further by introducing new affinities, such as Cold, Poison, Blood Loss, and Occult. To apply an affinity to any weapon, players will need to obtain items called Whetblades scattered around the various corners of the Lands Between. Follow this guide to learn about the locations of all Whetblades in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring: Every Weapon Prefix Affinity, Ranked

To create the perfect build in Elden Ring, players will need to familiarize themselves with the weapon prefix affinities, and which are the best.

How to Get Whetblade in Elden Ring

Elden Ring whetblade location

The standard Whetblade is located right at the start of the game. Players can find it in the Gatefront Ruins, situated south of the Gatefront Site of Grace. To reach this location, head north from The First Step Grace site to find the Church of Elleh. Then, continue following the route north to reach the Gatefront Ruins. Near the south corner of these ruins, players can discover a hidden cellar with a chest containing the Whetblade and the Storm Stomp skill.

How to Get Iron Whetblade in Elden Ring

To obtain the Iron Whetblade, players must venture into Stormveil Castle and locate a room locked by an imp statue. To find this room, teleport to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace and then head southeast to discover a lift. Use the lift to descend and proceed to find a room with a Grafted Scion and hanging bodies. Upon entering this room, take a quick left turn to locate the imp statue-locked room.

Use a stonesword key to unlock the fog door and claim the Iron Whetblade from a dead body in front of a fireplace. This room also contains the Misericorde, a dagger with the highest critical damage in Elden Ring.

Iron Whetblade adds three affinities:

  • Heavy – Adds Strength as the highest scaling
  • Keen – Adds Dexterity as the highest scaling
  • Quality – Adds both Strength and Dexterity as the highest scaling

How to Get Glintstone Whetblade in Elden Ring

To obtain the Glintstone Whetblade, players must travel to Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. After defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon and unlocking the Debate Parlor site of grace, head north. After crossing the gate, turn left and climb the pile of dirt. Enter the room occupied by a group of aristocrat enemies at the front. Inside this room, players will discover the Glintstone Whetblade hanging on a corpse near a window.

Glintstone Whetblade adds two affinities:

  • Magic – Adds Magic damage and Intelligence as the highest scaling
  • Cold – Adds Magic damage, frost buildup, and Intelligence scaling

How to Get Red-Hot Whetblade in Elden Ring

The Red-Hot Whetblade is located at Redmane Castle in south Caelid. To acquire the Red-Hot Whetblade, teleport to the Chamber Outside the Plaza Site of Grace and exit the room through the south entrance. Then, head west, running past all the flamethrowers to find the entrance to a tower with the Red-Hot Whetblade immediately visible upon entering the door. Be cautious of the Iron Virgin on the right side, though!

It can only be obtained either before or after the Radahn Festival. If the Radahn Festival has been triggered, the door to the Red-Hot Whetblade will remain locked until Starscourge Radahn has been defeated.

Red-Hot Whetblade adds two affinities:

  • Fire – Adds Fire damage and Strength as the highest scaling
  • Flame – Adds Fire damage and Faith as the highest scaling

How to Get Black Whetblade in Elden Ring

Black Whetblade stands out as one of the most sought-after items, empowering players to craft potent status builds. By utilizing the Black Whetblade, players can construct builds focused on triggering status effects such as Poison, Sleep, and Bleed. With the right weapon affinity, Elden Ring can become notably a lot easier, particularly in PVP, where Bleed builds are notorious within the community.

The Black Whetblade becomes unlockable after defeating Starscourge Radahn. Following Radahn’s defeat, players gain access to Nokron, the Eternal City. Once the Ancestral Woods site of grace is unlocked in Nokron, jump to the ledge towards the southwest and continue in this direction until you reach the area with two Silver Tears. Then, head east to find a broken arch, leading to a hall with the Black Whetblade lying on a corpse.

Black Whetblade adds three affinities:

  • Poison – Adds Poison buildup and Strength/Dexterity as the highest scaling
  • Blood – Adds Blood Loss buildup and Strength/Dexterity as the highest scaling
  • Occult – Adds Arcane as the highest scaling

How to Get Sanctified Whetblade in Elden Ring

In a regular playthrough, the Sanctified Whetblade will be the last Whetblade players find. It is located on the first floor of the Fortified Manor (the replica of the Roundtable) in Leyndell, the Royal Capital. To find the Sanctified Whetblade, teleport to the West Capital Rampart and then drop down the balcony on the west. Now, head towards the southwest and jump on rooftops to find the entrance to the first floor. Enter and proceed to the next room to discover the Sanctified Whetblade, placed next to the area where Smithing Master Hewg stays in the Roundtable.

Sanctified Whetblade adds two affinities:

  • Lightning – Adds Lightning damage and Dexterity as the highest scaling
  • Holy – Adds Holy damage and Faith as the highest scaling

Lightning stands out as one of the most effective damage types in Elden Ring, whereas Holy damage becomes relatively ineffective in the endgame. After reaching Leyndell, the majority of upcoming bosses exhibit high Holy resistance. However, it still holds value against undead bosses such as Deathbirds and Tibia Mariners, as they incur extra damage from Holy attacks.

Be sure to collect the Sanctified Whetblade before defeating Maliketh, The Black Blade. After defeating him, Leyndell transforms into Ashen Capital from Royal Capital, blocking off many areas, including the Fortified Manor.

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