Eggy Party soft-launches in more regions, with a new seasonal event and a map creation contest underway

NetEase Games has announced the official soft-launch phase for Eggy Party in more regions, along with a new seasonal event you can dive into from now until February 23rd. In particular, the “Outta This World” event will offer new maps and outfits among other goodies, which coincide with the game’s soft launch in Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, and Mexico.

In Eggy Party, you can look forward to a rowdy competitive multiplayer experience where you fight tooth and nail to be the last Eggy standing. You can not only unleash complete chaos on a variety of maps, but you can also unleash your creativity with the stage builder in the Eggy Workshop.

As for the “Outta This World” event, you can expect to welcome eight new stages to the fray, with Lunar Adventure, Space Station Escape, and Ring Track among others. Additionally, the Outta This World Season Mystery Box will put special gear up for grabs, which includes Bay the Space Captain, Vidi the Mechanic, and Lycra the Astronaut. You can even score more in-game goodies by buying a Party Pass if you’d like to spend a little and live a little.

“2024 will undoubtedly be a massive year for Eggy Party, as we anticipate a larger influx of players into the Eggyverse than ever before,” says Demi Yan, NetEase Games Senior Global Publishing Director. “As the game continues to grow, we can expect more exciting new seasons like Outta This World, along with even more crossovers with renowned franchises to deliver an enhanced and enjoyable gaming experience to our players.”

Meanwhile, you can also try to nab the Meow-meow Sprout outfit by attempting the challenge at the cost of 1 Shiny Coin. Plus, the New Year Map Creation Contest is encouraging you to flex your creativity until January 11th in exchange for cool goodies. And if you’re keen on more multiplayer games, why not take a look at our curated list to get your fill?

Have a go at the game via the links below today!