Echocalypse redeem codes (December 2023)

Free rewards are great, no matter what kind of game we’re talking about. Echocalypse is an example where gifts are more than welcome because there are a lot of items and characters that are quite valuable. This is a list of all the active Echocalypse redeem codes that can be used to obtain in-game freebies such as Chests, Materials, Crystalline Cells items, and more.

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Echocalypse redeem codes that are working

  • ECHOXMAS2023 (Expires December 31)

Expired codes

Codes provided below have lapsed and are no longer viable for redemption:

  • WINTER2023 – Solar Term Background – Winter Solstice, Frame “A Bowl of Dold Winter”
  • fg38yc92kh – Chimera Mod Protocol x30 and Crystalline Cells x200
  • jd93jp92sa – Mission Data IV x10 and Generic Bio-Chip III x5
  • gn8yz39k – Shifter Material x1 SSR and Fragment Selection Chest x10
  • OATHOFLOVE – Levia’s Oath Outfit “Captivating Melody” via Oath and Levia, Chiraha, Nile Avatars
  • THANKYOU2023 – Iridimorphite*600, Avatar Frame [Appreciation of Food], Proof of Bond*2, Snezhana Emoji Set
  • POCKYDAY1111
  • UC7K9SX56W – Random SSR Affinity Gift Chest and x10 Iridimorphite x60
  • KIKISGIFT – Nurture Solution III 10 and Echo Crystal Flake1
  • 1STANNIV4 – first anniversary gift
  • 1STANNIV3 – first anniversary gift
  • 1STANNIV2 – first anniversary gift
  • 1STANNIV1 – first anniversary gift
  • NILESGIFT – Chimera Mod Protocol x20 and Crystalline Cells x200
  • ECHO1STANNIV – first anniversary gift
  • B4H67WAK – Random Special Chimera Chest1, Multicore Artifact Matrix2
  • GUINESGIFT – 1 Shifter Material (Elemono Augment material) and 10 pcs Special Equipment Component Selection Chest
  • 87FNX2JL3FNV – Crystalline Cells x200 and Mission Data IV x5
  • MOUNTAINSDAY – Furniture Landscape Painting and Fenriru Emoji Set
  • DCTANABATA77 – obtain avatar frame
  • 4DNX7U9LS34G – Honey Cake ×300 and Echo Crystal Flake ×1
  • TANABATA77 – Qixi Wish Note x20 (Affection Gift Item) and Generic Bio-Chip III ×5
  • X7NSW9AK3DF6 – Generic Bio-Chip III ×5
  • F7SJVHE0Y3K2 – Firearm Magazine ×500 (Vera Event Currency) and Generic Bio-Chip III ×5
  • DRAGONBOAT2023 – x2 Draw Master Selection Chest, x2 Savory Zongzi(Action Point Recovery) and x2 Sweet Zongzi(Action Point Recovery)
  • GOLDENWEEK2023 – obtain avatar frame
  • CAMELIAFORU – Camelia emoji
  • NICE40KSEA – 400 Iridimorphite and more
  • ARIES2023 – obtain frame
  • ECHOYGGDRASIL – 5 Artifact Identification Application, 1 Elementium S and 10 Multicore Artifact Matrix
  • SAKURALIFE – obtain a frame
  • NICE30KSEA – 200 Iridimorphite and more
  • ECHO10KSEA – 500 Iridimorphite and more
  • lowcostcosplay01 – 200 Iridimorphite
  • EARLYACCESS – Random Favorability Gift Chest, Tribute Points and Random SR Furnishings Chest!

Redemption steps for Echocalypse codes

To avail of the benefits of codes, redeem them as stated in the proper sequence below:

  • Run Echocalypse on your device.
  • Then, click on the Profile/Avatar Icon on the top left side.
  • You need to select Basic Data.
  • There will be an option called Redeem Code.
  • Tap it and enter the code to press Confirm.

Your rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Remember to collect them from there. In case of redemption failure, double-check the code you entered.

How to get more codes?

Developers distribute more redeem codes for Echocalypse on their Facebook and Discord pages.

About the game

Echocalypse is an RPG developed by Yoozoo. It takes you on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world where you will encounter kimono girls joining alongside you to save the world. You join as an Awakener, build your troops, decorate your base and explore.