June 8, 2023

The Sinakawak Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has an fascinating set of puzzles involving utilizing sizzling air balloons to seek out the answer. A few of them are extra visually intuitive than others and would possibly stump at first look. In the event you want slightly assist to make the balloons fly in the appropriate locations, right here’s tips on how to resolve Balloon puzzles in Sinakawak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle Information- Up, up and away

You’ll discover the Shrine right here within the North Hyrule Plains:

Oddly sufficient, the primary room is way much less easy than the second. You’ll discover a balloon with a torch beneath a platform.

How To Solve The Balloon Puzzles In Sinakawak Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom First Room

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You must use this balloon to stand up. You may Ascend via balloons for those who line it up good. So we have to get the balloon up on the platform after which let it fly up so we are able to undergo it, however how?

Sinakawak Shrine Solution In Progress

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The easiest way I discovered to do it’s this: Flip each picket platform within the room right into a tower, then connect a torch to it. Be very cautious to not burn it within the course of.

With this tower in place, you possibly can transfer the balloon and torch out from below the platform and let it stand up. Then Ascend via the platform, seize the balloon, and set it down on the platform. Take the torch from the highest of your makeshift Statue of Liberty and set it down on the platform.

Sinakawak Shrine Torch And Balloon

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now use it to rise the balloon up and Ascend via it.

Now we’ve one other puzzle above ready for us.

Balloon Puzzle 2 and three

Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

This subsequent puzzle is as straightforward because it seems. All you need to do is connect a torch to a balloon and set it free below the button to open the door.

Shifting on, the following room is sort of giant and divided between platforms above and a room under. You’ll discover two completely different pits for 2 completely different sized balls.

The primary half of this puzzle is straightforward. There’s a small ball within the decrease space. Connect it to a Balloon, then connect a torch and let it float as much as the ceiling.

Sinakawak Shrine Room 2 Puzzle 1 In Progess 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Then go above on the platforms and seize it, rip the ball out, and put it in its respective pit to achieve entry to the exit.

It’s the optionally available chest the place issues will take extra effort. It’s essential to get the enormous ball down under up above. What I like to recommend doing is that this:

Sinakawak Shrine Final Puzzle 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Connect it to the picket platform, then flip it on its facet. Connect three balloons to it, then three torches beneath, rotate it up and let it fly.

Sinakawak Shrine Final Puzzle 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Then retrieve it from above and rip off the ball, delivering it into the pit.

Sinakawak Shrine Final Puzzle 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now you possibly can open the chest to obtain an opal.

Sinakawak Shrine Chest

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Was it well worth the effort? I depart that as much as you.

Sinakawak Shrine Completed

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Both manner, you’re completed with the Shrine now. Go obtain the blessing and press ahead.

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