EA’s Frostbite Engine Receives New Logo and Rebrand

Electronic Arts’ proprietary Frostbite engine has received a makeover with a new logo and brand identity. Instead of multiple splinters and shards, the handprint is now a smoother, more defined shape. While built to “explore, evolve and apply proprietary technology specifically with, and for, our game studios”, it now represents “a platform for collaborative innovation.”

The publisher also promises a “renewed focus on partnership with our teams and creators.” “Over the years, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with game teams across EA to understand their development and technology needs better prioritizing changes that create more flexibility for innovation and a positive user experience for developers.”

While Frostbite wants to “unite and amplify” the expertise of teams who use Frostbite, it also notes that developers are free to develop on their engine of choice, as seen in Unreal Engine’s use for the Star Wars Jedi series and the next Mass Effect.

Regardless, as the publisher notes, “It’s up to us to make Frostbite the best choice for our games.”

As for the logo, it began in a fractured state to emphasize the sheer destruction that it offered with Battlefield, the first title to utilize the engine. It’s now about “the collaborative relationships transforming Frostbite from within.”

“Constructed from consecutive, overlapping layers, our new handprint embodies how our teams build upon each other’s strengths, reaching beyond what is possible when they work alone. Each layer, like each piece of Frostbite technology, is both an innovation and a foundation, enabling the layer above it and building toward a cohesive whole.”

Opting for smoother edges and “more fluid shapes” represents the company’s commitment to addressing the engine’s “rougher edges.” It’s interesting to see games like Dead Space through the logo, with the various layers of the handprint being more visible.

The only other Electronic Arts title developed on Frostbite is Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which receives new details in Summer 2024. Stay tuned in the meantime for updates.