EA Sports FC 24 OS Community Sliders (Version 8)

It has been a couple months since we checked in with the latest EA Sports FC 24 OS community sliders, and it’s likely close to the end of the major changes for these sliders with Version 8.

Matt10 and all the other folks who help to tweak and find common ground with these sliders have been pursuing some goals that they’ve chased for a couple years not with proper midfield play and trying to find that right pace of play overall. With that in mind, here’s what’s was looked at in Version 8, with the slider values coming right after.

“We are hoping this is the last of the versions for this year’s game. A lot has been explored throughout all the versions, and this last bit is just a small tweak to some Sprint values on World Class/Leg, shot error, length, and rediscovering fullback positioning.

As always, we’re trying to get a balance of the Sprint/Acc values for the user vs. the CPU. While we don’t want the user to have an advantage, we also don’t want the players to start jogging animations too early — and not be able to recover. As a result, the sprint value is bumped for World Class, Shorter Halves, and Shorter Halves legendary on default pace. Shorter Halves legendary was bumped to get closer to the 30 sprint speed of the CPU.

The next value we looked at is just slight adjustment to shot error. Very slight adjustment for World Class as lower league teams struggled to get shots on target, thus the user didn’t concede as often. We still get the great shot variety and randomness that can happen going from 85 to 82. For Shorter Halves, we wanted to bring in those same things so WC Shorter halves gets a bump in shot error to 70.

The more significant value is bumping Length back to 32 from 30. While a small incremental change, it does help widen out the midfield a bit more through taking advantage of the post-patch changes that keeps the wingers from tucking so narrow. The bump to 32 also helps with the transition play of the striker to be met sooner from the defensive midfielder and/or the defensive line. We’ve been at this value before, so we feel very comfortable in this adjustment.

The last adjustment is a FB Positioning, which we haven’t really modified before. The main focus here is trying to get the fullbacks to stay in the attack just a bit sooner in transition, rather than instantly retreat back to their defensive line. This is a legacy issue of FIFA, so the more we can get the fullbacks pushed up, the better. This takes advantage of the width adjustment that post-patch brought to the table as well, so the center backs are still involved in getting out wide to cut off any counters down the sidelines.

We hope you enjoy this 8th Version, everyone!”

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