EA Sports FC 24 Adding Updated Gameplay Through PlayStyles, New Animations

According to the latest Pitch Notes, a new EA Sports FC 24 spring update, AKA patch #11, is coming soon improving the gameplay experience through PlayStyle tuning and Legendary CPU AI changes. The team is also adding new animations, a new  Idle Stepover skill move from Vini Jr., 86 new star heads and more.

The developers will also implement some changes to create a unique feel for teams and matches in terms of attacking tendencies and the way they respond to the pressure. For the first time since launch, the new title update will introduce a range of new animations, drawing from volumetric data captured during real matches in the UEFA Champions League Group Stage. They will include a shooting animation from Haaland, new defensive clearance animation and new skill move from Vinícius Jr.

For more details on the EA Sports FC 24 spring update, including all of the adjusted PlayStyles, updated Legendary CPU AI difficulty changes, video clips and more, check out the latest Pitch Notes.