Duraludon evolution guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to evolve Duraludon into Archaludon in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Duraludon, a Pokemon who first appeared in Sword and Shield a few years back, has received a brand-new evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new Indigo Disk DLC with Archaludon – and we’ll tell you how to evolve it.

Archaludon retains the Steel/Dragon-typing, though its Abilities have changed. Duraludon has Light Metal, Heavy Metal, and Stalwart. Meanwhile, Archaludon has Stamina, Sturdy, and Stalwart – which are generally more useful. 

Duraludon evolution guide

Duraludon evolution guide

To induce a Duraludon evolution, you’ll need to use a brand-new item called a Metal Alloy. You can actually buy this item from Blueberry Academy’s School Store for 300 BP. Use the item on a Duraludon and it’ll evolve into Archaludon. It even has its own signature move, Electro Shot. This move requires a turn of charge, but deals lots of damage. You could use the Power Herb item to remove that charge, but Electro Shot also unleashes instantly if used during rain.  This makes Archaludon a solid option for rain teams, so keep that in mind if you’re going to use it on a competitive team somewhere down the line. In a few of its animations, Archaludon assumes a pose that vaguely resembles the Castelia City bridge from Pokemon Black and White. Hmm….

What’s your opinion of Archaludon’s design? Do you think there needed to be a new Duraludon evolution, given how high its stats already were? Let us know below.

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