Dungeons of Drakkenheim Now Available on D&D Beyond

Back in November, it was announced that Ghostfire Games’ work would arrive on D&D Beyond. Now, the dark fantasy campaign Dungeons of Drakkenheim, developed by Dungeon Dudes and Ghostfire Gaming, is available.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim on D&D Beyond

In a recent post on D&D Beyond, Wizards of the Coast interviewed Dungeon Dudes on Dungeons of Drakkenheim.

Was it worth the payday? Depends on how well he rolls.

For those not aware, the book contains an epic dark fantasy adventure, set within Drakkenheim, a city blighted with eldritch contamination after being struck by a meteor 15 years ago. It is an original setting created for the Dungeons of Drakkenheim actual play run by the Dungeon Dudes.

The campaign will take players from level 1 to level 13. In addition to introducing new monsters, spells, and magic items, the campaign introduces survival elements. Haze, essentially magic radiation, prevents characters from resting, induces exhaustion-esque effects, and can even mutate them into horrors if exposed for too long.

Alternatively, those willing to take risks may obtain a powerful magical component called Delerium. Delerium can be used can be used to cast powerful spells, craft magical artifacts, or be sold for a hefty amount of gold to the right buyer.

Finally, the Dungeons of Drakkenheim campaign contains not just player-driven storytelling and consequences, but some political intrigue as well. There are five key factions in the city of Drakkenheim, and there is no way to unite them all. Make your allegiance, and live with the consequences.

Those who pick up Dungeons of Drakkenheim on D&D Beyond will get 50 new monster and NPC statblocks, over 40 new magic items, 14 new spells, and five new player backgrounds. In addition, the book includes 57 battlemaps that can be used on the platform.

This is the very first third-party narrative campaign book to be sold on D&D Beyond and the third book of its kind. The first is Darrington Press’ Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn and Ghostfire Games’ Grim Hollow: Lairs of Etharis quest anthology book.

Dungeons of Drakkenheim is available on D&D Beyond now for $29.99.