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If you want the cute bunny badge, then you need our Dress to Impress The Hunt quest guide! I’ve written a full walkthrough for you down below, including how to complete the quest, the rewards you obtain, and how to unlock the event quest in the first place!

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Dress to Impress The Hunt Guide

The Dress to Impress The Hunt quest is pretty easy once you know what you’re doing! The game’s official Roblox page actually hints at what the quest entails in the title, with a bunny emoji next to some stars. This is because your quest is to find the missing bunnies! Let’s delve deeper into it.

Find the Bunnies Quest

Right, let’s unlock the quest to begin with! When you load into the game, you need to look for the small room with a giant bunny inside – this is located near the podiums.

Within the giant bunny’s room, you can see a sign on the wall that reads ‘The Hunt’ to let you know that this is the correct place! Interact with the Mama bunny by pressing E on your keyboard to unlock the Bunny Quest.

The Mama bunny will then ask you to find her missing bunny children, explaining that 40 of them are currently hiding in the dressing room. When you accept the quest, a counter appears at the bottom of your screen to show you how many bunnies are left to find.

The confusing thing about this though, is that the counter only states that there are 20 bunnies, after the Mama bunny said there are 40. This is because there are 2 rounds! Once you complete the first round of 20 bunnies, you need to find the next group of 20.

Completing the Quest

screenshot from dress to impress for the hunt event of a player standing on a fluffy carpet in the makeup room, with various seats and makeup tables with mirrors and bottles, there is a counter at the bottom with a drawing of a bunny which reads '1 out of 20 bunnies' to show how many bunnies the player has found

When a new round starts, don’t even bother making an outfit, you’re here for the bunnies! It’s time to wander around the entire dressing room in search of each bunny – you have 5+ minutes in total. Luckily, they’re easy to spot as they literally run around the room.

This means you don’t have to search high and low in small corners for them! Due to there being 2 rounds, you need to do all of this again, but make sure you wait for the next round to start.

Once you collect the last bunny in round 2, a pop-up window will appear on your screen to let you know that you completed the quest! This is when you’re given the Dress to Impress The Hunt badge.

The Hunt Free Outfit

There’s also an Easter-themed outfit to equip once you complete The Hunt quest! It’s not clear if this outfit is only available during The Hunt or if it will be a permanent addition. However, it’s a long checked dress with a ruffled collar, combined with bunny ears, making it the perfect accessory for the season.

About Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress is a Roblox experience that focuses on building stylish outfits. That’s not all though… it’s a competition too! Go against other players to create the best outfits for a variety of themes.

You’ve only got so much time to dress up though, so you need to be quick about it. Change your hair, makeup and nails to fit the theme, before heading out to the runway to vote for your favourite outfits!