Dragon’s Dogma 2 Reportedly Has Performance Issues on PC


  • Anticipation for Dragon’s Dogma 2 is high, but PC players may face frame rate issues at launch.
  • Capcom acknowledges the problem and is working on a solution to improve the game’s performance.
  • Reports suggest that the frame rate drops are due to high CPU usage in areas with numerous NPCs.

Recent reports claim that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has frame rate issues when playing on PC, and Capcom is aware of the problem. With only a few days remaining until the game’s release, the team behind Dragon’s Dogma 2 hopes to fix the situation quickly.

The first Dragon’s Dogma game was released over 10 years ago in 2012, so anticipation for the upcoming sequel is high. As a fun way to get many fans excited, the character creator for Dragon’s Dogma 2 was made available ahead of the game’s release, so gamers could get a feel for what the action RPG has in store. The early reveal of the character creator has heightened the excitement of many fans who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this sequel. Although the character creator has proven to be quite impressive, reports ahead of Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s launch suggest that the game may be having some issues when running on PC.


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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is having frame rate problems on the PC, and Capcom is fully aware of the situation, as the company hopes to fix the problem soon. These reports are arriving only mere days before Dragon’s Dogma 2 launches, and players who are awaiting the game’s arrival on PC may want to prepare to experience this specific issue.

Frame Rate Issues In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Capcom has addressed concerns about these frame rate problems, claiming that the cause is probably due to the number of NPCs in a given area. Following a query from IGN, Capcom stated that the level of content within certain areas causes the frame rate to drop, and some of those dips are reported by early players to fall around 30-40 FPS, making the performance quite inconsistent. A spokesperson for Capcom stated, “In certain situations where numerous characters appear simultaneously, the CPU usage can be very high and may affect the frame rate”. The team behind Dragon’s Dogma 2 is looking into solutions that will help improve the game’s performance in the future, but a specific time frame was unfortunately not given. With Dragon’s Dogma 2 set to have exciting gameplay, frame rate issues could hinder a player’s experience.

In certain situations where numerous characters appear simultaneously, the CPU usage can be very high and may affect the frame rate.

If frame rate issues become a significant problem for gamers who choose to play Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC, Capcom will hopefully be swift in finding a solution that makes the frame rate better and more consistent than the drops some early players are experiencing. Frame rate issues can be incredibly frustrating, and for Dragon’s Dogma 2 to be such an anticipated game, these issues hopefully won’t be too much of a problem upon release.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2

The long-awaited sequel to 2012’s action RPG, Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 follows the Arisen, a hero whose heart is stolen by a powerful and massive dragon. Featuring a world 4x the size of its predecessor, Dragon’s Dogma 2 emphasizes customization and player control through its character creator, vocations system, and AI-controlled Pawns.