Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Magick Archer Build

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features its own unique take on classes called vocations. With ten vocations in total, players have a wide range of playstyles to try as they make their way through the game’s vast fantasy world. Each vocation features its own system of skills, weapons, and armor – all of which work in conjunction to produce a genuinely unique gameplay experience. With so many options, many players will likely ask: what is the best build for my vocation of choice?

The Magick Archer vocation is one of four classes in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that only the player can utilize. This means that pawns will be excluded from its use, with no exceptions. This vocation focuses on ranged attacks, and uses magic to add a variety of effects to its arrows. When used correctly, this vocation can be one of the game’s most powerful. This guide will teach players how to get the best build from the Magick Archer vocation.


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Best Equipment for Magick Archer in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Magick Archer must be unlocked
before it is available. The process for doing this will take the player down to the Agamen Volcanic Island. Take the time to purchase any of the items from the list below while in the area. If you have a portable Portcrystal, consider placing one in the area, especially if you cannot afford all items at once.

The best Magick Archer build begins with essential equipment. This includes weapons and armor, which will form the foundation of the build. Magick Archer uses a Magick Bow, a rare type of bow that is only found in certain areas of Dragon’s Dogma 2. This will be followed by the best armor for the Magick Armor vocation, which must provide considerable protection, as this class is primarily offensive.

Best Magickal Bows in Dragon’s Dogma 2:


The best Magic Archer Bow in Dragon’s Dogma 2 depends heavily on which point in the game players have reached. Because some of the best weapons are only available during the endgame stage, this guide is going to focus on a build that has greater application. Consider using the following Magickal Bows:

Dragon’s Breath: Overall, the best long-term Magickal Bow. With the right enhancements, this Magick can be pushed into the 700s. Though it will require a dangerous journey, it can be acquired as soon as you have the money to get it.

  • How to Get Dragon’s Breath: There are multiple ways to get Dragon’s Breath, but the fastest way is to make your way to the Volcanic Island Armory and purchase it for 55,000 gold. It is also possible to get Dragon’s Breath from the Griffin, who takes over Dragonsbreath Tower once the Lesser Dragon has been cleared out with Sigurd. This is a much longer process, and will require considerable skill to complete at a low level.

Militant Dove: This bow is slightly less powerful, but also requires much less travel, and significantly easier combat, to acquire.

  • How to Get Militant Dove: Head to Grisha’s Armory in the Sacred Arbor to purchase this bow for 48,000 gold. The Sacred Arbor is in northern Vermund, and is the home of the elves. While it is possible to deal with the elves without speaking their language, it is better to have a pawn with the Woodland Wordsmith specialization.

Both the
Blackwing Bow
(All merchants in Endgame, 65,000), and
(Endgame, Bay Wayside Shrine, 110 WLC), are technically better magickal bows. However, they are only available once the player reaches the area that is part of the ‘
true ending’ of

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Best Armor for Magic Archer:

  • Head – Confidant’s Hood: This is the best hood for the Magick Archer, but it is not required. The Friar Hood will work as well. Confidant’s Hood is available at the Volcanic Island Armory for 35,000 gold.
  • BodyEonian Coat or Elegant Petticoat: Both work great, especially when fully leveled up. The Eonian Coat can be purchased from the Volcanic Island Armory for 38,000. The Petticoat can be purchased from the Agamen Ruins Apothecary at the Excavation Site for 43,000.
  • Legs – Crimson Hosen: Best look, and best version of the Hosen leggings. Purchased from Volcanic Island Armory for 32,000 gold.
  • Cloak – Any: All cloaks work.
  • Ring 1 – Ring of Vehemence: More likely to Stagger or Knock Down enemies. Reward for turning in 5 Seeker’s Tokens at a Guild Hall. It can also be purchased for 10,000 gold at the Volcanic Island Armory.
  • Ring 2 – Ring of Percipience: Increases Magick by 30. Purchase from Grisha’s Armory in Sacred Arbor for 5,000G. Can be found in the following locations: Myrrdan’s Home (Checkpoint Rest Town), Ancestral Chamber (near Sacred Arbor),


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The Best Magick Archer Combat Skills in Dragon’s Dogma 2


Once players have the best equipment for the Magick Archer, it’s time to pick the weapon skills you’ll use in combat. While there is a wide range of skills, there is little doubt that there is a select few that stand above the rest. Not all of these skills are unlocked at once, but as soon as they become available, make sure to acquire them.

Best Magick Archer Weapon Skills:

  • Hailstone/Arctic Bolt: Despite being slow on the draw, this skill is extremely powerful. It works in conjunction with the Ring of Vehemence to turn the player into a knockdown machine. Hailstone Bolt does both Magick and Physical damage, making it one of the best all-around attacks Magick Archers will use.
  • Ricochet Hunter: This attack single-handedly makes the Magick Archer vocation viable in close-quarters situations. Whether in a cave or in a castle, any enclosed space turns deadly when the player uses this skill. It should always be equipped.
  • Flamefang/Blazefang Arrow: This skill is the closest thing to sniping in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Players get to control an explosive arrow with pinpoint accuracy. Great to have in the arsenal for foes vulnerable to flame.
  • Sparkchain/Boltchain Stake: This skill rounds out the elemental chart, giving the player three elements to work with. There are very few foes in DD2 that are resistant to electric damage, and Sparkchain Stake allows the player to use it persistently.


The first two skills are highly recommended, but there are other possibilities for players who wish to try different playstylesL

  • Remedy/Recovery Arrow: This skill allows the Magick Archer to heal and revive allies from a distance. A great skill for those looking to take up more of a support role.
  • Bartizan: Erects a barrier around an ally. Good for protecting spell-casters.
  • Martyr’s Bolt: This is the Maister skill for the Magick Archer. It is incredibly powerful, having the ability to decimate massive enemies. However, it accumulates the loss gauge while charging, making any hope for repeat use unlikely.

Best Magick Archer Augments:


Here are several Augments that work well with Magick Archer. Since many are only unlocked by leveling up multiple vocations, we will try to keep them realistic.

  • Subtlety: Decreases the likelihood of being targeted by foes. This is good for any vocation that relies on charged attacks. Unlocked through Thief vocation.
  • Endurance: Increases your maximum stamina. Skills require stamina, so it is always good to have more. Unlocked through Archer vocation.
  • Ambuscade: Increases damage dealt by your attacks when targets are not in a battle stance. Fighting from a distance, you will often catch foes off guard. Unlocked through Archer vocation.
  • Asperity: Increases the likelihood of inflicting debilitations with your attacks. This vocation uses elemental magick. Increased debilitation will make combat much easier. Unlocked through Sorcerer vocatoin.
  • Gratification: Slightly restores Health when you deliver the killing blow to a foe. Given that this vocatoin is light on defense, this can be extremely helpful. Unlocked through Thief vocation.
  • Zeal: Reduces the Stamina consumed when performing a weapon skill. This is good for every vocation, and makes the time taken to get DD2’s Warfarer vocation worth it on its own.

There are several Augments that are beneficial to every vocation. Mettle, Thew, Detection, Dynamism…these are all incredibly useful. The above list represents several options that work well with the Magick Archer vocation.

Best Magick Archer Party Makeup in Dragon’s Dogma 2


While every player will likely define for themselves what makes a perfect party in Dragon’s Dogma 2, there are several important things new players will want to consider when adding a Magick Archer into the mix. Here is one version of a four-member party that includes the Arisen as the Magick Archer.

  • Magick Archer: The best way to start playing Magick Archer is as a sort of makeshift overwatch position, fighting from a distance while your pawns take the battle up close. With that in mind, consider the following roles for your pawns:
  • Fighter or Warrior: This will be the heavy-hitting tank that charges in. Either option will provide the close-quarters combat boost the Magick Archer needs.
  • Fighter, Warrior, or Thief: This will depend heavily on what your first pawn is. If you choose a warrior as your first option, you should choose a fighter or a thief. Warriors are too slow to be your only close-quarters option. Any other combination will work great. Fighter and Thief work well together, with a Magick Archer watching over.
  • Mage: Keep a healer on hand to make sure everyone is healed and debilitation-free. With a Magick Archer on board, you don’t need a Sorcerer here. Mage as support is the best option.

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