Dragonheir: Silent Gods Fall of Increscent update lets you play as Merfolk

Explore new ocean maps but beware creatures that lurk in the waters below.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is launching its second season, and it’s all about the high seas. Fall of Increscent introduces a new playable merfolk race to the game, as well as new islands and ocean maps to explore. Additionally. the game’s second season will task you with solving challenging puzzles to reach new levels of the Dusky and Silvery Towers and uncover four new dungeon types.

From developer SGRA Studio, Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world RPG in which you can explore a variety of fantasy worlds. Drawing from tabletop roleplaying games, Dragonheir: Silent Gods includes dungeon duels, adventure parties for completing quests and of course, good ole dice rolls. You can choose from a variety of races and classes as you create a party of up to five heroes.

As you explore the new ocean maps, you’ll need to plan for disturbances in the ocean current caused by creatures below the surface. You’ll also have a chance to face off against two dungeon bosses, Mushroom Broodmother and Mekkatorquem. You will also have an opportunity to battle Abyssolossus, a creature from the chaos realm that can take two forms.

Fall of Increscent lets you explore a brand-new region, the isles of Aethercairn. You’ll also experience new quests and characters. In this nautical-themed update, you’ll cross paths with a race of mysterious Merfolk. You can team up with these mysterious Merfolk to protect the last sacred land of Adenthia, the Dusky and Silvery Towers. Additionally, you’ll uncover the history of the Sheen and Wood Elves.

To kick off the new season, a limited hero summons pool is running now through December 25th. The new season adds 30 new heroes into the mix, and you’ll have a chance to earn season-exclusive heroes through the pool. In addition, during the pool, you’re guaranteed to draw a legendary hero on every 80th summon. Dragonheir: Silent Gods is also offering a new gift code in celebration of the season’s launch. You can use the code Dragonheir25 to snag limited rewards now.