Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103: Beast Gohan’s True Strength


  • DBS Chapter 103 ends Superhero Saga with epic battles between Gohan, Goku, Broly, and Vegeta, leaving fans satisfied and excited.
  • Gohan’s power surge astonishes fans as he defeats Goku and helps Broly unlock his Legendary Super Saiyan form.
  • Chapter 103 closes with Saiyans resting on Earth, hinting at potential future storylines, as fans eagerly await the series’ return.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for chapter 103 of Dragon Ball Super, “A Legacy Toward The Future,” written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou, translated by Caleb Cook, and lettered by Brandon Bovia, now available in English from Viz Media.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 103 dropped earlier this month and it was quite an incredible chapter to end the Superhero Saga on.


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Fans absolutely loved the developments of this week’s chapter, with Gohan being thrown under quite a lot of focus, and at the same time, more light being shed on Goku, Broly, Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks. At the same time, fans also got to see Piccolo feature in this month’s chapter, along with Pan, and all these things made for an exciting note for the series to finish this arc on.

Gohan Vs Goku Continues

gohan vs goku continues dragon ball super 103

Of course, the majority of the focus in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 was always going to be on the battle between Gohan and Goku. This battle started in the previous chapter, and was one that fans expected to fully explode in this month’s chapter. That is exactly what happened, and it is safe to say that Toyotaro delivered quite an incredible fight to the fans. The action in this chapter was sublime and fans enjoyed the fast-paced and high-octane battle to the utmost best. This battle was neck and neck, as was expected of two individuals with a high level of power. Goku’s Ultra Instinct was able to keep up with Gohan’s powerful blows, evading everything and anything that was coming his way. At the same time, fans also got to see Gohan’s resourcefulness in battle, and his ability to quickly adapt to any and all scenarios. It was quite exciting for the fans to see these amazing developments in DBS chapter 103 and this battle certainly lived up to all expectations and more.

While this battle continued for over half of the chapter, in the end, it was Gohan who came out on top. Surprisingly, Gohan hit new levels that fans had not even seen that he tapped into in DBS chapter 103. By controlling his rage, Gohan could increase his power even further. This power boost was so much that even Goku was shocked at what was happening. This increased Gohan’s strength, speed, and ferocity. When Gohan launched a barrage of attacks on Goku, he could barely keep up even though he had access to Ultra Instinct. Essentially, Gohan’s Beast transformation was so fast that Goku’s body could not even keep up with it, even if he knew how the attacks were going to land.

Eventually, Goku was hit across the face and the blow was so hard that he was forced out of Ultra instinct. Of course, Goku could have continued fighting, however, that is all fans got to see of their battle in DBS chapter 103.

Gohan Vs Broly

gohan vs broly dragon ball super 103

While Goku versus Gohan stopped after the latter knocked Goku out of Ultra Instinct, the chapter still had quite a lot more action. Many fights continued in DBS after this event, and fans also got to see a lot more of Broly in action. According to Goku, having Broly train against Gohan was a very good idea. That is exactly what happened and these two individuals started fighting as well. Broly, as fans know, is a very gifted Saiyan and possesses powers unlike any other. This is somewhat similar to Gohan, in the sense that he too has special powers that no Saiyan has. Both of them went full force against each other, and delivered powerful blows, which just went to show their level of strength.

While Gohan started in his base and then Ultimate form, eventually, Broly asked Gohan to tap into the power of his Beast form. As soon as that happened, Gohan utterly dominated the battle, however, this is also when Broly finally managed to tap into the power of his Legendary Super Saiyan transformation. For the very first time, Broly was able to fully control this form and it was all thanks to Gohan. By taking his advice and example, Broly tapped into this limitless power, and even Gohan was surprised at how strong just the base version of his Super Saiyan transformation was. Gohan was pushed back to a certain extent, however, he was still dominant in the fight and would have been the deserved winner as well.


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While their fight stopped right there, fans also got to see other clashes brewing. Vegeta too wanted to test his strength against Gohan and his Ultra Ego went against the Beast as well. Expectedly, this was another impressive clash for the fans to witness, and, overall, every fight that fans got to see in the chapter was a fulfilling one. The Saiyans had their fair share of incredible battles in DBS chapter 103, and that is one aspect of the series that fans will never get tired of. The Saiyans live for battle, and they certainly proved it in this month’s chapter as well.

A Visit to Earth

a visit to earth dragon ball super 103

Dragon Ball Super chapter 103 also focused on the aftermath of the battle, as was expected. As soon as the battle between Gohan and the other Saiyans wrapped up, fans finally got to see them resting and consuming tasty food once again, just like old times. With that, a visit back to Earth was also in place, and Goku, along with Vegeta and everyone else, went back home. This was quite an exciting note for the fans to end the arc on, as these wholesome moments are rare in the story, but also very much cherishable.

Fans got to see Piccolo once again, and Goku expressed his desire to test his strength against him. As fans know already, Piccolo has a new transformation using which he has reached levels similar to Gohan and Goku. It will be interesting to see if this ends up playing a role later down the line in Dragon Ball Super, and if it affects the future arcs in any way.

Above all, fans got to see Pan get involved in the story too. Goku and Pan had an exchange, which just goes to show that she has a lot of potential as well, and that she’s not a forgotten character. Overall, this was a beautiful note to end the series on, and with that, the Superheroes Saga of Dragon Ball Super finally concluded.

From here onwards, Dragon Ball Super is going to be on an indefinite hiatus. This is unfortunate, however, it is one that fans expected, given the death of Akira Toriyama, the writer for Dragon Ball Super. At this point, fans do not know when the series will resume, or if it will resume. However, the message that says “to be continued” at the end of the chapter does certainly imply that it will resume at some point. For now, fans simply have to sit back and wait for an update from Manga Plus, and hope that the next segment of the story is just as interesting as this one.

Dragon Ball Super is available to read officially via Viz Media. The upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 has no release date at the moment. Given the series is on hiatus, fans will simply have to wait for an update on the release date of the next chapter. As always, fans can read the chapters for free on websites such as Manga Plus.

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