Donald Trump Nearly Doubles Support Among Black Men, Women Since 2020

Thirty percent of black men and 11 percent of black women intend to vote for former President Donald Trump in 2024, Wall Street Journal polling found Thursday, which is a significant increase from 2020 data.

Losing black support would be a blow to President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

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Only 12 percent of black men voted for Trump in 2020, voting data shows. There is no compatible 2020 polling for black men.

In 2020, six percent of black women said they would vote for Trump, Associated Press polling found, five points less than the Journal‘s 2024 polling.

In more good news for Trump, 42 percent of black women remain up for grabs in 2024, the Journal survey showed:

Polling shows the share of black voters who favor President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump (WSJ Poll/VoteCast Survey).

Polling shows the share of black voters who favor President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump (WSJ Poll/VoteCast Survey).

The poll sampled 218 registered voters from March 17-24 with a 5.2 margin of error.

Percy Jones, a black restaurant manager who lives in Atlanta, said he remembers Trump’s time in office more warmly — especially regarding immigration.

“He didn’t allow people who don’t live here to come in,” Jones told the Journal. “They are taking all of our jobs.”

Biden’s failure to secure the southern border could be an underlying factor for Trump’s increased success among the black vote, Breitbart News’s Neil Munro reported:

Many of those Americans are already recognizing their gradual displacement by hard-working Latino migrants in local jobs, homes, communities, and elections. In March, for example, the black unemployment rate nudged up again to 6.4 percent as employers hired more of the southern migrants who are being bused northwards by Biden’s deputies and allies. reported on April 5: “When accounting for gender, the unemployment rate for Black women aged 20 or older spiked to 5.6%, a big increase from the 4.4% rate in February. Black men’s jobless rates climbed slightly higher to 6.2% from 6.1%.”

Federal data shows that average after-inflation household wages have stayed flat in Baltimore since Congress doubled immigration in 1990. The share of local adults with jobs has plummeted from just under 70 percent in 1990 to 65 percent in 2023. Baltimore City is 62 percent black, but the incoming Latino population is being welcomed by local employers and Democrats.

In a statement to the Journal, the Trump campaign touted their message to both the black and Latino community: “Our coalition message to Black and Hispanic communities this election is simple: If you want strong borders, safe neighborhoods, rising wages, quality jobs, school choice and the return of the strongest economy in over 60 years, then vote for Donald J. Trump.”

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Wendell Husebo is a political reporter with Breitbart News and a former GOP War Room Analyst. He is the author of Politics of Slave Morality. Follow Wendell on “X” @WendellHusebø or on Truth Social @WendellHusebo.