September 28, 2023

Screenshot: Recreate Games

Party Animals promises physics-based multiplayer mayhem, but does it support local multiplayer? More and more games these days are fazing out couch co-op or local split-screen and only supporting online play. So, the question is does Party Animals support local split-screen?

Does Party Animals have local multiplayer?

You’ll be pleased to learn that Party Animals does support local multiplayer. This means that you can play Party Animals locally through split-screen and couch co-op, but in some game modes, you’ll scratch the co-op part.

How to play local multiplayer in Party Animals

From my research on the official Party Animals forum, I learned from the support staff that you can play up to four-player local split-screen multiplayer in Party Animals. But, there is a catch.

The only way to play local multiplayer in Party Animals is to create a Custom Game. Once you have done that, you need the other players to press “RT” while using different controllers. For now, you can’t play local multiplayer in Quick Match. The support staff didn’t say why, but they did say “not at this time” which means local split-screen could come to Quick Match later.

Once everyone is in the game, everyone should be able to select different outfits and colors for their characters. Since it is local split-screen, I’d imagine that all the local players will need to sign into a Guest account or other Xbox account. With the Guest account, the progress made will likely not save, so I recommend making an Xbox account so you can make progress toward unlocking cool cosmetics.

I’m extremely happy to see Recreate Games add local multiplayer to Party Animals. It is strange that you can’t play couch co-op in Quick Match just yet, but you can play the exact same game modes and play with other online players in Custom Mode.

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