Do SMITE 1 skins transfer over to SMITE 2?

While updating a game and marketing it as a sequel appears to be a trend these days, SMITE 2 stands as a true sequel to the original game. This begs the question: will our skins from SMITE 1 carry over to SMITE 2? Let’s find out!

Can you transfer SMITE skins to SMITE 2?

Image: High-Rez Studios

Unfortunately, most SMITE 1 skins will not transfer over to SMITE 2. The exceptions to this are skins released in SMITE 1 during Year 11 and a small collection of (currently unknown) “cross-gen” skins.

You won’t be left empty-handed, however. For every gem previously spent in SMITE, you’ll receive a Legacy Gem to spend in SMITE 2. This is a new currency that can be used to “pay for 50% of the price of most in-game purchases in SMITE 2,” according to the official website.

In addition to Legacy Gems, Hi-Rez Studios will be hosting the Divine Legacy event in SMITE 1, which provides rewards for both games based on how you’ve played SMITE from the beginning until Year 11.

Divine Legacy rewards

The Divine Legacy event in SMITE 1 allows you to unlock a choose-your-own Tier 4 and Tier 5 and up to 11 skins in SMITE 2 for free. You can also unlock Badges in SMITE 2 that showcase impressive feats and rare skins in the original game. That way, your team will know who’s boss when you’re sat there with a default skin.

When the event goes live, an option to link your SMITE 1 and SMITE 2 accounts will be available in the Divine Legacy tab. If you’re moving platforms, make sure to link all of your platforms together on the linked accounts page of Hi-Rez’s website.

To get these rewards, as well as your legacy gems, you need to access

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Why don’t SMITE 1 skins carry over to SMITE 2?

Hi-Rez Studios claims that SMITE 2 is being built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5. Anyone who plays SMITE knows there are a lot of skins, and creating brand-new models for each would take a ludicrous amount of work. According to the developers, 246 years.

That’s not to say that no skins from SMITE 1 will be remade for SMITE 2. As mentioned earlier, Year 11 features cross-gen skins available in both games. I’m sure certain fan-favorite skins will also reappear sooner rather than later.

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