February 3, 2023

Over the previous couple of days, E-book Twitter (and truly common Twitter, as a result of it is such a catastrophically mockable opinion to have in public) have been making a lot enjoyable of this dude, who basically pitched that AI may disrupt books. One other man enthusiastically replied that you could possibly add Metaverse options so you could possibly “dwell the e book”. Do not hassle including to the pile on, as a result of there aren’t any extra jokes to make. They’ve been deluged by individuals declaring that TV, movies and video video games all aready exist.

This made me take into consideration, firstly, that we might be a lot better off as a society if techbro web3 lovers have been all siloed into one large Truman Present-esque hamster ball the place they’ll all scurry about collectively considering they’re reaching issues. However secondly, that some individuals actually put numerous retailer on interactivity. Together with me! Graham was the one who despatched me these tweets, and he stated he would not need to dwell in any of the books he is been studying, as a result of everybody in them is gloomy or indignant for the entire e book, till nearly the tip. I stated I would not need to be in them since you’d solely find yourself being a aspect character, and that is boring.

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