Disney Speedstorm: How to unlock characters

Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play racing game that brings your favourite Disney toons to life. Offering several characters from different Disney franchises and mashing them together in one game ensures that it is a jam-packed, entertaining racing game! I mean, who wouldn’t want to race with Jack Sparrow or Buzz Lightyear?

With Disney Speedstorm only being on the market for five months now, the game is constantly adding new characters, featured events and updating the item shop. It can be a bit too much at first for beginners with how to unlock more characters. Don’t worry, here is the ultimate guide on how to unlock characters in Disney Speedstorm, so let’s jump right in!

There are quite a few ways to progress your account and unlock toons to race with. Each possible way to unlock characters may take longer than others, but it all depends on which way best suits you.


Golden Pass Free Unlock

Each season, Disney Speedstorm drops a free and premium character that can be unlocked through the Golden Pass rewards tab. The free character is unlocked by acquiring enough XP for that specific reward. In simple terms, just complete objectives to obtain as much XP as possible. Before you know it, you’ll have unlocked the free toon of the month.

The monthly premium character in the Golden Pass section is only available to players who have bought the Premium Pass. The Premium Pass is priced at 990 tokens or one Golden Pass Credit. The Premium Pass is only a solid option if you have just started and are looking to catch up and get exclusive rewards.

Seasonal Events & Limited Events

Seasonal Events and Limited Events in Disney Speedstorm offer the opportunity for all players to unlock the seasonal character that is being featured. Seasonal Events are incredibly straightforward and can be completed by finishing each individual task required. Tasks can vary from things like “Win the race and use 9 Charged Skills” or “Win the race and use 3 Unique Skills.”

As for Limited Events, they are very similar to Seasonal Events, but the timetable to complete them is much shorter. So, if you see that your favourite character has their own Limited Event, your best bet would be to run right through it before it disappears.


Season Tour

Season Tour is a single-player mode that allows players to race against CPUs and acquire Rewards Boxes. Rewards Boxes are exactly what they sound like – rewards for winning the race. Inside these boxes could be a number of things: character skins, coins, helmets, gloves, boots and even character shards.

For unlocking characters, you want the character shards reward. When winning a race, you’ll be rewarded with character shards of a specific racer. After obtaining enough shards of that racer, you can then unlock them. Season Tour is a grind, but it’s a guaranteed way to grow your playable roster.

Racing Multiplayer

Another straightforward method to unlock characters in Disney Speedstorm is to race online. Racing through the multiplayer mode is a slower style of things, but it helps in the end. When racing online, all players are set to an equal level and try to acquire as much XP as possible in the week. At the end of the week, players will be rewarded with three random shards of a racer.

Each week, the game rotates the character’s shards reward. Again, it’s not the fastest way to unlock other racers, but it will grow over time. Think of playing multiplayer as a fun way to play and get rewards that will improve your roster over time.

These are four simple, effective and reliable ways to grow your racer roster and unlock your favourite Disney characters. Hope this helps! Oh, and to pinpoint which characters you should target, advise the Speedstorm tier list, as we have sorted all of the racers by their skill in there.