Disney Dreamlight Valley – All cooking recipes currently available

Gameloft’s recently released Disney Dreamlight Valley takes players to the titular dreamlight valley, filled with their favourite characters and biomes inspired by the vast Disney vault. Like other “life simulation” games such as Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, players slowly rebuild the dilapidated dreamlight valley, customising their character, home and more – all while cooking, fishing, farming and exploring the world to meet new characters and clear the corruptive Vile Thorns.

While Disney Dreamlight Valley sadly isn’t available for the majority of mobile gamers, Apple has managed to swing the exclusive licence to bring the title to Apple Arcade. So if you’re a subscriber, you can go and play it now! And if you aren’t…well, maybe this is what’s going to swing it for you?

A major part of the game is cooking, both because certain recipes are needed for completing quests and also because Energy is an important thing to keep an eye on. Virtually every action in-game expends a character’s energy, so if you want to keep cooking, fishing and harvesting, you’ll need to keep that supply up. One way to do that is by consuming cooked recipes.

Here’s a brief list of all the recipes currently available for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Currently available recipes

Note: Some recipes will not have a specific ingredient tied to them, but rather a category. For example, as we noted in our coverage of the Sushi recipe, any fish can be used rather than a specific type. However, ingredients of a higher quality will make a meal both more valuable and provide more energy to a player when consumed. You’ll also need to construct a crafting station called a Cooking Station to create these recipes!