Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year Trailer Highlights New Looks For The Bad Kids And A Release Date

Dimension 20’s inaugural show is returning for its third season as Fantasy High Junior Year announces its January 10th release date. This release date is accompanied by a trailer highlighting moments from the upcoming season, cast members, and what changes have taken place to their characters since we last saw them at the end of Season 2 in April 2020.

This season comes after the thrilling conclusion to Burrow’s End. If you’re interested in hearing more about how Burrow’s End came to be, the importance of dice on a narrative, and what happened to Lucas in the final epilogue be sure to check out our full interview with GM Aabria Iyengar.

This season will feature the return of GM and series creator Brennan Lee Mulligan once again guiding “The Bad Kids” through a year of turmoil. The returning cast of characters features Emily Axford as Fig Faeth, Ally Beadsley as Kristen Applebees, Brian Murphy as Riz Gukgak, Zac Oyama as Gorgug Thistlespring, Siobhan Thompson as Adaine Abernant, and Lou Wilson as Faian Aramais Seacaster. Each of these characters are returning to Aguefort Adventuring Academy for their Junior Year where “the strain of the academic workload has been said to drive certain mages to madness.” narrates Brennan Lee Mulligan.

Throughout the rest of the trailer we’re shown snippets of the upcoming season including the Bad Kids being threatened with expulsion, discussing failing classes, and providing life updates for each of their looks and personalities. The trailer also shows off the return of cinematic combat representations, the box of doom, and additional animated features for The Dome.

“Riz has upgraded from briefcase kid to hipster nerd” – Brian Murphy on Riz Gukgak

The trailer also showed off an original song for Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year called “Teenage Rebellion” by Sarah Barrios. There will be a full music video of the song released on the same day that the series launches.

How long is Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year?

While a lot is mentioned in the trailer there is also plenty of information that isn’t shared. The first episode of Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year will premier on Dropout on Wednesday January 10th, 2024 at 7pm EST with subsequent episodes releasing every Wednesday. There will be 20 episodes of Fantasy High Junior Year so the finale should air on May 22nd, 2024.

The first two seasons of Dimension 20: Fantasy High will all be available for free via the Dimension 20 YouTube channel before the end of the year so if you’re interested in watching, or need a place to catch up you can via 

What is ‘Never Stop Blowing Up’?

Alongside the trailer and additional details for Fantasy High Junior Year it was also confirmed that the next season of Dimension 20 would be Never Stop Blowing Up. This was first referenced in the 5th Anniversary trailer for Dropout along with Dungeons & Drag Queens. There’s no word on just what that season will hold, but it’s likely we’ll start hearing about it May 29th.