Diablo 4 Players Are Being Killed By Their Own Vampiric Power


  • Domination Vampiric Power in Diablo 4 is currently bugged and applying its effect on player characters, causing them to die.
  • The bug with Domination is similar to previous bugs with Malignant Powers, but fans hope Blizzard will fix it soon.
  • The Vampiric Power applies a buff that deals increased damage against crowd-controlled enemies who are injured, but it is also impacting players as well.

Diablo 4 players have noticed a strange bug with a certain Vampiric Power, as Domination seemingly applies its Execute effect on stunned characters as well. While the latest Blizzard title has accumulated its fair share of controversies following a successful launch, many fans view Diablo 4‘s Season of Blood as the course-correction that the game sorely needed. Compared to the poor reception that Season of the Malignant received in July 2023, the community is a lot more pleased with the current state of Diablo 4.

Patch 1.2.3 launched the Abattoir of Zir for Diablo 4, the spiritual successor to Greater Rifts from Reaper of Souls, giving players a shot at pitting their broken Vampiric Powers against what the developers intended to be the most challenging piece of content in Diablo 4 yet. While Blizzard has stated that the Abattoir of Zir wouldn’t carry over into the Eternal Realms, the team did imply that it would eventually become a permanent fixture of Diablo 4‘s endgame in a different iteration.


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Domination Vampiric Power Is Currently Bugged in Diablo 4

That being said, Rob – one of the more prominent Diablo 4 streamers – noticed that Domination was causing his Barbarian to mysteriously die in the Abattoir of Zir. This Vampiric Power applies a buff that deals increased damage against crowd-controlled enemies, instantly killing non-Elites if they also happen to be Injured. Since Injured is a debuff that can also apply to Diablo 4 players who are below a certain HP% threshold, Domination apparently applies its effect on all entities engaged in combat, rather than just enemy monsters.

It’s a bug reminiscent of certain Malignant Powers in Diablo 4, where they indiscriminately applied effects on player characters as well, which hopefully means that Blizzard won’t take long in fixing it. While many fans feel that Diablo 4 still has a long way to go, Season of Blood has certainly been a step in the right direction, as even Phil Spencer has sunk time in Diablo 4 by having some fun with his Druid character.

Ultimately, what will make or break Diablo 4 depends on how Blizzard handles the upcoming Seasons, and if the developers manage to stick the landing with the Vessel of Hatred expansion pack. Rumors of increased monetization bordering on pay-to-win have soured player excitement for Vessel of Hatred, but Blizzard still has ample time to reconsider its course, or to otherwise dispel the credibility of those leaks. While the current theme of Season 3 remains a mystery, it will feature a weekly challenge dungeon called The Gauntlet, and the community strongly believes that it will revolve around Zoltun Kulle and the Horadrim.

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