Diablo 4 Dev Has Good News for Fans of Overpowered Builds


  • Diablo 4’s Rod Fergusson discusses plans to improve the game moving forward.
  • Blizzard has addressed fan concerns with updates but will prioritize players having fun over immediate fixes.
  • Blizzard is adopting a new approach to balancing class builds in Diablo 4, aiming for a better overall experience.

Diablo 4‘s Rod Fergusson has revealed future plans for dealing with overpowered builds in the popular multiplayer game. In a recent interview, he reflected on the game up to this point and how the team at Blizzard aims to improve it moving forward, including tweaks to the class build system.

After its initial release earlier this year, Diablo 4 received a lot of criticism from fans. However, Blizzard has since addressed fan concerns with various updates.


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Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson spoke at length about Diablo 4 and its current state in an interview with the Electronic Playground Network. He discussed the challenges of making the game a fun experience when there is a hyper-focus on making sure everything is perfectly balanced.

“Let them have their fun. We’ll deal with it later.”

Earlier patches for the game included nerfs to certain class builds, such as the overpowered Ball Lightning Sorceress, which was a popular one among players. The Diablo 4 community was not happy about these updates, resulting in Blizzard developers promising to do better in the future during a community livestream. Fergusson also makes it apparent in the interview that the Diablo 4 development team is not going to prioritize these kinds of fixes moving forward if it means more fun for players. He acknowledges that there is value in players feeling overly powerful, stating, “So that’s what we’ve tried to embrace, and now in Season 2, the Ball-Lightning Sorcerer is ridiculous, but we’re just like, ‘let them have their fun, we’ll deal with it later.'”

It’s clear that Blizzard has formed a more unique perspective when it comes to dealing with its game’s quirks. This is made even more interesting when considering the early days of Diablo 4, when Blizzard would consistently release patches in order to balance classes. However, these changes proved to be unpopular with players.

This statement from Fergusson seems to suggest a new approach to how powerful class builds will be handled in the current and upcoming seasons of Diablo 4, one that is more in tune with the community’s love for optimizing character builds, allowing for a better overall experience with the game.

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