Destiny 2 Has The Perfect Blueprint to Regain Players’ Trust


  • Bungie’s rocky relationship with Destiny 2 players is at an all-time low, with recent layoffs, delayed expansions, and lackluster updates.
  • Despite the backlash, Bungie can still regain the trust of its fans by taking action and making all past expansions free before The Final Shape release.
  • Bungie’s decision to make the Legacy Collection free for a limited time earned praise from fans and new players, showing the potential for a positive response if all expansions were made free.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has almost always had a rocky relationship with its players. While some of this is to be expected due to players requesting changes to their favorite MMO that simply aren’t feasible, the relationship between Bungie and Destiny 2‘s players has never been as much on a tightrope as it is right now. After the recent layoffs at Bungie, the delay of the upcoming The Final Shape expansion, and plenty of lackluster updates made to the game over the last year, players are on the brink of losing hope in the developer, leaving the trust that Bungie has worked so hard to earn over the years dwindling.

Despite the backlash that Bungie has consistently faced for its treatment of Destiny 2 and its players, it’s not too late for the developer to earn back the trust of its fans. Many players have remained committed to the game, regardless of any complaints they or others have had, but their hope in Bungie is waning nonetheless, warranting action from the developer. Furthermore, there is a large audience of former players that Bungie could draw back into the game if it took one step in the right direction ahead of The Final Shape‘s release.


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Bungie Should Make All Destiny 2 Expansions Free Ahead of The Final Shape

Bungie Previously Made Destiny 2 Content Free Ahead of Lightfall

As was previously mentioned, Bungie has always had a difficult time appeasing its fans. However, in a brilliant move prior to the release of Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, Lightfall, the developer made Destiny 2: Legacy Collection available to download for free for a week through the Epic Games Store. The Legacy Collection includes the Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen expansions, and while two of these expansions are considered subpar by the majority of players, the Legacy Collection‘s free price point made it more than worth downloading. Additionally, once players downloaded the Legacy Collection, they were allowed to keep the content as long as it remained in their EGS library.

Not every bit of content Destiny 2 had ever released was made free during that brief time period, as certain content packs like the 30th Anniversary Pack and the Season Pass belonging to the season that was live at the time still required players to purchase them. However, the inclusion of The Witch Queen expansion, which is widely considered one of Destiny 2‘s best expansions to date, overshadowed anything else the Legacy Collection lacks. Bungie’s decision to make this extensive content download free for a limited time ultimately earned it high praise from fans and new players, garnering a massive influx of players and providing the developer with a brief respite from criticism.

Bungie Should Make Lightfall and Every Past Expansion Free Before The Final Shape Releases

As Bungie has recently had a difficult time maintaining its relationship with Destiny 2 players, it may be time to revisit the idea of making every one of the game’s expansions, including Lightfall and the critically acclaimed Forsaken expansion, free on the Epic Games Store ahead of the release of The Final Shape. Bungie already made the Legacy Collection free once again in December 2023, which also pleased fans and new players, but it might be better to throw Lightfall and Forsaken into the mix next time, especially with the developer’s claims that The Final Shape will be an expansion for veterans and new players alike.

Despite Bungie’s ongoing rough relationship with its players, it has nonetheless established the perfect blueprint for earning back their trust before The Final Shape releases in June. Whether it acknowledges the obligation, Bungie is behooved to make some drastic steps toward rekindling the fire it once had with its fans, and releasing a free download of every Destiny 2 expansion to date ahead of The Final Shape might be the best way to accomplish that.

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