Destiny 2 – Fireteam Finder Beta is Now Available

The Dawning returns in Bungie’s Destiny 2, and while players will once again indulge in baking cookies and other assorted treats, it also marks the arrival of the Fireteam Finder. The toolset had a limited stress test on November 30th, but it’s now available in beta form for all players permanently. Check out the trailer below.

Fireteam Finder is similar to a looking-for-group (LFG) tool but in-game. There are separate listings for activities like Crucible, Dungeons, Campaign, Gambit, Raids, Seasonal, Vanguard and “Other.” You can then select an activity and its difficulty to search for fireteams. When creating a listing, there are options for join settings, fireteam size, and even tags to indicate whether you want an experienced group or one specializing in fast clears.

The best part? You can continue playing the game while waiting for others to answer your listing. The full rollout of Fireteam Finder is coming in late January, so stay tuned for any changes and fixes in the coming weeks.