Destiny 2 Brings Back Dawning Event


  • The Dawning event is back in Destiny 2, allowing players to bake cookies, earn new weapons and gear, and enjoy holiday festivities.
  • Season of the Wish will be one of the longest seasons in Destiny 2 history, lasting until June 4, 2024, with multiple in-game events planned.
  • Bungie has introduced new weapons, armor ornaments, and a new Dawning Event Card with additional rewards for players participating in the Dawning event.

The Dawning event is back in Destiny 2, allowing players to bake cookies once more with their friends and earn enticing new weapons and gear. Several weapons from past Dawning events return with an updated perk pool in Destiny 2, and Bungie teases even more updates to come in 2024.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish began on November 28 as the game’s final season, heading into The Final Shape. The season was originally supposed to last until February 2024, but the delay of The Final Shape means Season of the Wish will last until June 4. As a result, Season of the Wish will be one of the longest seasons in Destiny 2 history. Fortunately, Bungie plans to hold multiple in-game events to fill in the gaps following the conclusion of Season of the Wish’s weekly storyline.


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Bungie launched the Dawning event in Destiny 2 on December 12, kicking off the game’s holiday festivities. After obtaining the Holiday Oven from Eva Levante at the Tower, Destiny 2 players may defeat enemies to obtain ingredients and Dawning Spirit for cookies until January 2, 2024. Newly baked cookies may be given to certain NPCs in exchange for gifts containing new and reprised weapons, in-game consumables, and more. One of these new weapons is the legendary Arc glaive Albedo Wing, and a new Dawning-themed memento is up for grabs. What’s more, a new Dawning Event Card is available to all players with additional rewards, such as a new Exotic Ghost, Legendary emote, transmat effect, and Ghost projection.

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Various new Dawning armor ornaments are available in Eververse for Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans respectively. In addition, those who complete the “Amateur Baker Event Challenge” in Destiny 2 before the Dawning event ends may purchase a Dawning Beanie from Bungie Rewards.

With the Dawning event underway in the game, Bungie also confirmed that Destiny 2’s Fireteam Finder feature will be a permanent feature going forward. Fireteam Finder is currently in its beta phase, but Bungie will continue to optimize the feature in future updates. This feature may be helpful for those wanting to farm the most ingredients and Dawning Spirit possible from strikes, dungeons, and raids with fellow Destiny 2 fans.

The newly reprised Dawning weapons can be worthwhile additions to a player’s arsenal, unlike Destiny 2’s flawed Undying guns. Dawning weapons typically offer perks that synergize with Stasis subclasses, so those wanting to create a new Stasis build may want to begin farming ingredients and cookies for the ideal weapon role before the Dawning event ends this January.

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