Delta Force: Hawk Ops unveils new trailer and map Zero Dam

  • Zero Dam is one of the debut maps for the tactical FPS
  • Delta Force: Hawk Ops is set to release on console, PC and mobile
  • The latest teaser features new gadgets and tactical gameplay

Delta Force: Hawk Ops, the upcoming multiplayer tactical FPS, has released a new trailer featuring a showcase of intense gameplay. There’s also been a reveal of one of the maps set to be included at launch with the dilapidated but still gargantuan Zero Dam for players to fight across.

Set to release on PC, console and mobile, Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a revival of the classic shooter franchise. First released in 1998 with the debut title simply named Delta Force, the series arguably codified the idea of a ‘tactical shooter’ alongside the later military simulation Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.

New showcases

While the Delta Force name and brand have long since faded into the background, there are definitely some older fans who are likely going to be excited to see the series return. So far the footage we’ve seen does seem to show a lot of the older tactical gameplay intact, but with a significant focus on beefier enemies, gadgetry and other perks. So if you’re hoping for a purist, Insurgency: Sandstorm-style game on mobile, then Delta Force: Hawk Ops may not be for you.

You can watch the new trailer for Delta Force: Hawk Ops below!

While Delta Force: Hawk Ops looks to be pretty appealing it may not be released at the most apropos of times. With the recent reveal that Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile will be releasing this March, Delta Force will be facing an even beefier mobile shooter market than usual. However, with cross-platform play and other possible inclusions, might that tip the scale and ensure it can compete even with the world’s biggest shooter franchise?

It’s shaping up to be a good year for shooters on mobile regardless, as Free Fire clinched an award win early on. If you want to get on the gun train yourself, why not check out our list of the top 15 best shooters for iPhone and iPad?

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