Dedicated Palworld player’s castle impresses community

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One extremely dedicated Palworld player’s castle has the community buzzing. Palworld has absolutely taken the gaming community by storm, proving to be much more than Pokémon with guns and providing legitimate staying power. What you can do in this game is almost unrivaled, and it has players doing anything they want. That includes building massive bases with impressive building skills that would put Minecraft players to shame.

Palworld allows gamers to build bases so that they can use their Pals, farm materials, and so much more. These bases are usually pretty standard, since the name of the game isn’t necessarily to build. One Palworld player’s castle has everyone questioning that logic.

Image via u/delululandxx on Reddit

u/delululandxx posted to Reddit giving a walkthrough of their base. What would normally not take all that long was a fairly lengthy video, showing the impressive dedication they have shown to this game since it came out in early access last month. They have arguably the most incredible build this community has yet seen.

The base is massive and spacious, but it is also extremely functional. It has a garden, a mill, tons of Pals and everything else one might need. It has many community members reacting to what is undoubtedly one of the coolest Palworld videos out there.

u/Standard_Bus3101 said, “This is actually dope! How long did it take you to set up? I’m at the stage where I need to rebuild stuff now and organise it.” u/InsertBadGuyHere added, “That’s a pretty dope settlement.”

Another player said that this inspired them to make their own base. Even at level 40, they’re still living in a cave and getting by instead of truly thriving like the original poster. u/Ryderslow added, “Castle so dam big I half expect Lady D to pop out.”

u/VanZacharias praised the base, but also noted that there weren’t any depressed, starving, or injured Pals present, which is a feat in and of itself. u/Oopsimapanda added that they’d want to live in the castle that was being shown off.

It was a truly impressive structure. Palworld is known for catching Pals and fighting everything while surviving, but this Palworld player’s castle has opened the door to a whole new world for the game that continues to prove it’s more than just a gimmick.

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