January 30, 2023

Every Lantern Ceremony Competitors in Genshin Have an effect on, the game lets you invite a 4-star character from Liyue, assured. Sure, you’ll need to assemble some foreign exchange and participate throughout the competitors, which makes this a turning into reward. With 9 characters on the guidelines, it could be not simple to determine on who to pick. Collectors will choose the one they don’t have however, and min-maxers will select the one they need.

For additional casual players, listed below are most likely probably the most advisable ones and some fundamental pointers.

Overview of the Liyue 4-Stars

All C3 and C5 upgrades improve the Elemental Expertise or Burst diploma, which is a sometimes good issue to get. They don’t should be talked about as a notable enhance.

Xiangling (Pyro)

She’s part of the ‘Nationwide Workforce’ composition, which is an outstanding get collectively for all combat actions. Xiangling is a hard-hitting off-field DPS specializing in triggering or establishing Pyro-related elemental reactions.

She’s a free-to-get character from ending a selected diploma of the Spiral Abyss. She might be acquired from wishing in any banner. Nonetheless, her constellation upgrades enhance her harm and viability, so dupes are welcome for her.

Notable constellations:

  • C1: Guoba decreases targets’ Pyro RES by 15% for 6s when hit by his flames.
  • C4: Pyronado’s size is lengthened.
  • C6: When Pyronado is energetic, the get collectively receives a 15% improve in Pyro DMG Bonus.

Xingqiu (Hydro)

Xingqiu is one different part of the ‘Nationwide Workforce,’ which must already inform you that he’s a unbelievable character to pick. Like Xiangling, he’s one different superb off-field DPS with additional therapeutic and DMG Low cost abilities. Moreover, he makes use of a Hydro Imaginative and prescient, which reinforces the above character in creating Vaporize reactions.

He’s been featured as a free character by the Irodori Competitors in Inazuma (Hues of the Violet Yard 2.6 event). In every other case, he’s obtainable in any banner, which must (in precept) make accumulating his constellations easier.

Notable Constellations:

  • C1: Will enhance the utmost number of Rain Swords created by his talents by 1 (4 in entire)
  • C2: Raincutter’s size is elevated, and opponents hit by the Rain Swords may have their Hydro RES decreased by 15% for 4s.

Ningguang (Geo)

She’s the one Geo catalyst shopper throughout the recreation, and a robust one. Counting on the best way you constructed her, she might be an on-field DPS or a assist character. Nonetheless, most players advocate making her a DPS on account of she is going to hit laborious, and enemies infrequently resist the Geo facet.

Like the other 4-stars, she might be obtained by means of counting on any banner. In the intervening time, she’s the one Liyue 4-star to have a magnificence pores and pores and skin (from 2022’s Lantern Ceremony).

Notable Constellations:

  • C1: When her Common Assaults hit a purpose, it affords AoE DMG.
  • C2: If the Jade Show display screen shatters, reset the expertise’s cooldown.
  • C6: Using Starshatter will give Ningguang 7 Star Jades.

Beidou (Electro)

Beidou is a flexible character who can dish out harm as an on-field DPS or be additional supportive as an off-field DPS/shielder. She choices in fewer get collectively compositions, nevertheless she is going to organize Electro-related reactions or, as talked about, defend the energetic character.

She’s been featured as a reward for the event by the Thunder Sojourn event (2.0 substitute). You possibly can too get her from any banner.

Notable Constellations:

  • C1: Using Stormbreaker will create a defend.
  • C2: Stormbreaker’s arc lightning strikes two additional enemies.
  • C4: When attacked, Beidou’s Common Assaults obtain a lightning strike event for 20% Electro DMG for 10s.
  • C6: When using Stormbreaker, surrounding enemies have their Electro RES decreased by 15%.

Yaoyao (Dendro)

Yaoyao is the first ever Dendro facet healer, which many group compositions need. Nonetheless, because it’s nonetheless early (this textual content was written sooner than her launch), we nonetheless need to find out how she synergizes with the get collectively.

Some mechanics could present troublesome, notably when Yuegui’s radishes seem to have a small AoE. Along with, her therapeutic is dependent upon the character’s effectively being, so Yuegui gained’t always be reliable when making use of Dendro to enemies.

Yanfei (Pyro)

This fiery lawyer is an on-field DPS. Her bundle is dependent upon her gaining and using ‘Scarlet Seals,’ which boosts the ability of her Charged Assaults. Later, she is going to get a defend when using her Burst, a useful risk for some people who want to use her as a assist as an alternative.

Yanfei has however to be featured as a reward for an event aside from the Lantern Ceremony Festivals.

Notable Constellations:

  • C2: Elevated Value Assault Crit Worth by 20% in direction of enemies with beneath 50% HP.
  • C4: When using Carried out Deal, creates a defend that absorbs as a lot as 45% of Yanfei’s max HP. The defend absorbs Pyro DMG 250% additional efficiently.
  • C6: Gives one to the utmost Scarlet Seals Yanfei can preserve.

Yun Jin (Geo)

Yun Jin is a support-oriented character, as her Burst boosts the get collectively’s Common Assault DMG based mostly totally on her DEF. In addition to, she works best in group compositions with completely different elements. She’s going to moreover work as a tank on account of her E expertise has a parry/counterattack mechanic.

As one in every of many additional not too way back launched Liyue characters, she has however to be featured/given as a reward in an event. So far, solely the Lantern Ceremony (and the numerous banners) are get her.

Notable Constellations:

  • C1: Opening Flourish’s cooldown is lowered by 18%
  • C2: Upon using Cliffbreaker’s Banner, shut by get collectively members receive a +15% Common Assault DMG bonus.
  • C6: Characters beneath the Flying Cloud Flag Formation buff get a +12% ATK SPD improve.

Xinyan (Pyro)

Xinyan is easier to assemble for those who occur to offer consideration to 1 aspect of her bundle. She’s going to defend with DEF or be a DPS (on-field and off-field) with ATK and Phys or Pyro DMG. On account of that lower up, each her harm shall be essential or her shields shall be environment friendly. You cannot have every on the an identical time.

In mannequin 2.2, she was the 4-star reward of the Labyrinth Warriors event. Moreover, throughout the 2023 Lantern Ceremony, she lastly performs at an Iridescence Tour reside efficiency! You could get her in any banner as properly.

Notable Constellations:

  • C2: Her Burst has its Phys DMG aspect’s Crit Worth raised to 100%, and using the pliability will create a Diploma 3: Rave defend on solid.
  • C4: Using her E expertise decreases the Bodily RES of enemies hit by 15% for 12s.
  • C6: Charged Assaults have their stamina consumption decreased by 30% and gained a harm bonus equal to 50% of Xinyan’s DEF.

Chongyun (Cryo)

Chongyun was as quickly because the precept DPS of the fan-favorite Nationwide Workforce comp. Nonetheless, with additional Cryo characters being launched, he has been handed over for larger selections. No matter that, if appropriately constructed, he’s nonetheless a sturdy character who usually is a assist or an on-field DPS.

He has not been featured in any event no matter being one in every of many first few Liyue characters.

Notable Constellations:

  • C2: Abilities used contained in the AoE of Spirit Blade: Chonghua’s Layered Frost may have their cooldowns shortened by 15%.
  • C6: His Burst affords 15% additional harm to enemies with a lower effectively being proportion than him. Moreover, it supplies one different spirit blade to that expertise.

Frequent Concepts

Typically, any character might be constructed to be sturdy. It doesn’t matter within the occasion that they’re not meta. In case you want using them, make them appropriately, and to allow them to be utilized in any train you want, even throughout the Spiral Abyss. Nonetheless, listed below are some recommendations that may help you prioritize what you need.


People have fully completely different priorities, and the first step in figuring out what you need is to sort them out. The subsequent half has completely different priority orders counting on some courses.

Perform or Part

Roles check with any character’s three main capabilities. Whereas the identical previous classifications are DPS, Tank, and Healer, it’s just a bit fully completely different in Genshin. There’s a ‘main’ DPS, ‘sub’ DPS, and healer/assist. Tanks are relegated to shielders, and they also fall beneath the assistance class.

Some characters can match two roles concurrently, nevertheless their bundle tends to offer consideration to 1. Foremost DPS characters are your harm sellers and tend to stay on the sphere the longest. Sub-DPS characters have abilities that additionally take affect for those who change them out. They’re centered on dealing DMG as an alternative of various supportive or therapeutic buffs. That’s how they differ from the ultimate class, which moreover has abilities like that nevertheless focuses on shielding, buffing, or therapeutic.

Celebration compositions are prone to have one character filling each place. The ultimate slot doubles up on sub-DPS or assist, relying in your need/preferences. Take a look at your roster and see which place you’re lacking in, then select the character you will need to fill that gap. For the Liyue 4-star classification:


  • Xiangling (sub)
  • Xingqiu (sub, with minor therapeutic capabilities)
  • Ningguang (main)
  • Yanfei (main)
  • Beidou (build-dependent, shielder solely at C1)


  • Yaoyao (healer)
  • Yun Jin (buffer)


  • Chongyun (main DPS, buffer)
  • Xinyan (DPS place relying on assemble, shielder)

On the essential facet, you need every kind to reap the advantages of the numerous reactions and completely different mechanics it presents. Whereas an all-Pyro group may seem extremely efficient as a consequence of an ATK bonus, one with not lower than one Hydro character blended in will perform larger. The latter composition takes good thing about the Vaporize response, which is probably going some of the potent.

Higher than that, various enemies have elemental shields that take within the an identical facet. As an illustration, defeating a Pyro Abyss Mage collectively along with your all-Pyro group will take a really very long time. In distinction, any group with not lower than one Hydro character can successfully dispatch it. Completely different enemies are outright proof against their facet (like slimes), so that you really want a variety to get by means of the game.

Try your roster and see which facet you lack. Select the character that makes use of it.


In case you’re okay with the above courses, the next issue you will need to check out is constellation ranges. Which character upgrades would you like most likely probably the most? Select that one to get one step nearer to your goal.

For that reason notable constellation upgrades had been talked about throughout the earlier half. Barring C6, the others are good stopping components that enhance a persona’s abilities adequate. In spite of everything, the target is to reach the ultimate buff, nevertheless there’s no need to rush it. If you’d like for characters sometimes, you’ll get there lastly.

Your Need

Finally, the best way you justify your select is as a lot as you. Regardless of your motive for selecting that character, that’s your want and correct. You don’t should adjust to these methods, nevertheless we nonetheless hope it helps you attain a name.

Profit from the Lantern Ceremony, and have a Utterly glad New 12 months!

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