October 3, 2023

Decapolice Concept Image

After it was announced at the start of the year, Level-5 shared a status update on Decapolice by providing two new trailers. Fans can now get a look at the “Concept Image” and “Playable Guide” videos now.

Here’s an overview of the game:

A mysterious detective story with investigations in a virtual world.

Decapolice, a crime-suspense RPG from Level-5, developers of the Layton series, will be released on Nintendo Switch! The main character, a rookie detective named Harvard, hunts down criminals in a huge open-world crime-ridden city, travelling back and forth between physical and virtual reality. Look forward to a mysterious detective story with investigations in virtual space.

Check out the new Decapolice “Concept Image” trailer below.

Concept Image Trailer

Playable Guide Trailer

Even more news about Decapolice could follow next week as it will be one of Level-5’s featured games at the 2023 Tokyo Game Show.

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