Death Stranding Movie To Be a Collaboration Between Kojima Productions and A24

Hideo Kojima has revealed Kojima Productions’ partner for the upcoming live-action Death Stranding movie.

According to a new announcement on the Kojima Productions website, the movie will be a collaborative effort with indie studio A24, whose name you might recognize from the 2022 multiverse comedy Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Kojima Productions says the movie will “delve into the mysteries surrounding the apocalyptic event called the ‘Death Stranding'”, although whether that means it’ll be a prequel or not is anybody’s guess.

2019’s Death Stranding is getting itself a movie adaptation.

Kojima says that the Death Stranding movie will not just be “a direct translation of the game”.

Instead, he says that the movie is intended not only for the game’s fans, but also fans of cinema in general, suggesting you won’t need to have played Death Stranding to understand the movie’s narrative.

Despite the name, it’s worth suggesting that this movie project is distinct from Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which launched for PS5 in 2021 and for PC in 2022.

The movie is also seemingly unrelated to the upcoming Death Stranding sequel, which was confirmed by lead actor Norman Reedus in May 2022 and was subsequently officially unveiled at that year’s Game Awards ceremony.

If you’re not familiar with Death Stranding, it’s a sort of open-world hiking sim with stealth and asymmetrical multiplayer elements created by Kojima Productions and published by 505 Games.

The game stars Norman Reedus as Sam Porter-Bridges, a courier tasked with delivering important packages across vast distances in a post-apocalyptic world.

You must trek across the world to deliver said packages, using equipment like ladders, climbing gear, and vehicles to help you achieve your goal.

The game was originally released for PlayStation 4 in 2019, eventually crossing the exclusivity barrier to hit PC in 2020. Since launch, it’s reached at least 10 million players.

You can read our review of Death Stranding right here. The game is available right now for PC and PlayStation consoles.