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Coming across the gods and goddesses in the roguelike but not quite sure if their boons are worth it? Luckily, our Death Must Die tier list is the perfect guide for you.

Death Must Die is a bullet-hell roguelike that features a variety of gods and goddesses that offer up a range of powerful boons – similar to Hades! You’re on the hunt for Death, and you plan to destroy him. Most of the gods and goddesses share the same goal as you, so they propose to help you out along the way. Whether you choose healing, defense, attack, or buff/debuff boons, every run is sure to be unique!

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Death Must Die Tier List

If you don’t know which gods and goddesses are worth giving the time of day, use this tier list! All characters have been ranked from best to worst depending on the strength of their boons.

S Tier

The best gods and goddesses to meet in Death Must Die! The boons they offer are brilliant and can completely change your playthrough for the better.

  • Krom
  • Mort
  • Morai
  • Lady Justice

A Tier

These characters provide boons that are a great support for your run! While they’re not as useful as those in S-tier, they’re still needed.

B Tier

These boons are pretty average, and are only really useful during certain scenarios – still, that isn’t to say they shouldn’t be used at times!

C Tier

  • There are no characters in C-tier right now!

D Tier

  • There aren’t any characters that are awful enough to be placed in D-tier, so have fun with the current characters!