Deadly Company Roblox How To Sell Items and Scrap

Image: RobloxGamerz

In the Roblox game Deadly Company, you’ll have to get paid by selling scrap and items you found trying to be useful to the company. But how exactly do you sell the goods you almost died trying to acquire? This guide will tell you, in simple steps, where to go to get paid for your loot in Deadly Company.

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How to Sell Scrap and Items in Deadly Company Roblox

Selling scrap and items in Deadly Company involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Gather Scrap: Start by collecting as much scrap as you can during your moon explorations.
  2. Interact with the Ship Terminal: Once you’re ready to sell, go to your ship’s terminal and press ‘E’ to interact with it.
Deadly Company Roblox Terminal Moons
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides
  1. Navigate to Company Building: In the terminal, type ‘moons‘ and press enter, then type ‘company‘ and press enter, and finally, type ‘yes.’ This sets the ship’s autopilot to the Company Building.
  2. Start Your Ship: Look to the left side inside your ship and press ‘E’ at the control panel to initiate the journey.
Roblox Deadly Company Counter In Wall On Spooky Planet
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides
  1. Land and Sell: After landing, exit your ship. On the left, you’ll find a panel on the wall serving as a counter. Walk up to this counter while holding your scrap and press ‘E’ to place each item or scrap piece you want to sell. It may take you a few journeys if you find a lot.
  2. Ring the Bell: Once all items are placed, ring the bell located on the right side of the counter. Wait for a moment, and your items will be processed and sold.
    • Take note: Only ring the bell once. If you keep ringing it, there’s a high possibility you will die, and I am not joking.
Roblox Deadly Company Ring The Bell Counter With All Scrap On It
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides
  1. Receive Credits: After the transaction, you’ll receive a notification about your paycheck detailing the number of credits you’ve earned from the sale.
  2. Return to Scrap Hunting: Now, you can return to your ship, select another moon from the terminal, and continue your scrap hunting adventure.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Scrap in Deadly Company?

To get the most out of your scrap in Deadly Company, you must sell everything you have when the percentage is 100% in the terminal menu or the percentage on the panel in the image above. If this says 50% or less, you’ll only get half the value of your items. Always try to sell your scrap on the deadline to get the most for your goods.