DDS2 free demo is out! Play with your friends in coop news – Drug Dealer Simulator 2

What is that? 👀 It’s the FREE COOP DEMO of DDS2! Ready for some action with your buddies?

It’s here!

The FREE coop demo for DDS2 will be available for everyone since today, 3 PM CET up until January 2. Don’t dawdle, get two more friends and play in a 3-person coop! Or alone, whatever strikes your fancy.

There’s also a challenge here, too! Find one of the statues of the Holy Mary and win the full game! There are 10 statues of Holy Mary hidden throughout the demo map – the first person to find each one will get a key to the full version of the game. So, if you are the first person to find a Mary in the tree, you get a key. The next person will have to find a different Mary to get a key.

maryjka 1

Join our Discord server and in the #main-ghetto chat post a message “I found a Mary!” with a screenshot. First come first served!

Time to get your hands on the demo!