Day One Game Cancels Xbox Game Pass Plans


  • Ereban: Shadow Legacy won’t be on Xbox Game Pass due to a change in publisher, but it’s still coming to Steam on April 10.
  • Developer Baby Robot Games is working to bring Ereban to Xbox as soon as possible after the cancellation of the Game Pass release.
  • While Xbox Game Pass fans will miss out on Ereban, they can look forward to upcoming titles like MLB The Show 24 and Diablo 4.

Developer Baby Robot Games has announced that Ereban: Shadow Legacy is no longer coming to Xbox Game Pass due to a change in publisher. Despite the unfortunate Xbox Game Pass news, Ereban is still set for a Steam release on April 10.

Ereban‘s Xbox Game Pass release was first announced back in June of 2022 alongside a trailer that briefly showcased its fast-paced, stealth platformer gameplay. One of the game’s central mechanics is allowing the user to transform into a shadow that allows them to move about undetected and figure out puzzles. Ereban features plenty of combat as well, which sees the player battle against robots. While the game would have been a promising addition to Xbox Game Pass, it seems that is no longer happening.


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A highly rated and award-winning action-adventure game comes back to Xbox Game Pass, this time with more options in an upgraded version.

Baby Robot Games explained that changes in its partnership with publisher Raw Fury have caused Ereban: Shadow Legacy to no longer be released on Xbox Game Pass come April. It seems that the regular Xbox release has been delayed as well, but Baby Robot is working on bringing it to the console “as soon as possible.” The developer stated that Ereban is still set to launch on Steam where it can currently be wishlisted but not pre-ordered yet. It’s unclear what led to the change in plans between Baby Robot and Raw Fury, and it’s also not known what publisher Baby Robot plans to partner with or if it intends to self-publish Ereban.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy No Longer Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Raw Fury is one of the more well-known indie publishers thanks to having titles like Bad North, Kingdom Two Crowns, Sable, and more under its belt. While Xbox Game Pass fans might be disappointed that they won’t get to try out Ereban next month, there are still plenty of tempting games coming to the service soon.

Later in March, Xbox Game Pass adds two major titles in MLB The Show 24 on March 19 and Diablo 4 on March 28. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass recently added Control, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, and Warhammer 40K: Boltgun over the first half of March. And for those with a longer scope in mind, Ninja Theory’s Hellblade 2 is still set for a day one Xbox Game Pass release on May 21.

As is often the case, Xbox’s subscription service has seen plenty of other action recently. Xbox Game Pass just added No More Heroes 3 on March 14. The humorous action game, developed by Japan’s Grasshopper Manufacture Inc., follows an assassin who must defend a planet from alien invaders.

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