Dan Goldman Makes Blatant Political Move to Censure Elise Stefanik

As we previously reported, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) introduced a resolution to censure House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

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Goldman smeared Stefanik, claiming she was providing. “aid, comfort, and support to the rioters and insurrectionists” of Jan. 6. in an “effort to undermine our democracy.”

They’re still trying to market the two-hour riot, not just against former President Donald Trump but against someone like Stefanik who dares to speak up about the two-tier system of justice and how some of the defendants are being treated. He also attacked her for using the word “hostage” to describe prisoners on “Meet the Press.” 

Here’s how he described the riot, as Rebecca Downs at our sister site, Townhall, explained.

A press release from Goldman reads similarly. “January 6th was the gravest attack on American democracy since the Civil War and Congresswoman Stefanik’s persistent and continued support for the perpetrators of an insurrection is contemptuous,” he claimed in a statement further going after the chairwoman. “In putting her personal ambitions over her integrity, Congresswoman Stefanik has been Donald Trump’s biggest congressional cheerleader, even though our mutual home state of New York overwhelmingly opposes him.”

But the resolution is not likely to go anywhere because he would need Republican leadership to bring it to the floor and that isn’t about to happen. In fact, House Speaker Mike Johnson ripped his transparent attempt to go after her for political reasons “patently absurd.”  

“The idea that he would use censure to attack a political opponent is just ridiculous,” Johnson said. That’s Goldman and the Democrats. 

But Stefanik was very clear on “Meet the Press,” saying they had a responsibility of oversight of prisoners, and that they had a reason to be concerned about the weaponization of the government against other Americans as well. 

“I have concerns about the treatment of January 6th hostages. I have concerns–we have a role in Congress of oversight over our treatments of prisoners,” Stefanik responded, who also went on to raise further concerns about “the weaponization of the federal government” and how “there seems to be two sets of rules.”

Stefanik also assured Welker “I’ve been clear,” adding “if you go back and play the full speech I gave on the House floor, I condemn the violence just like I condemned the violence of the BLM riots. But I also, importantly, stood for election integrity and security of our elections, which, if we don’t have that, we do not have a democracy. So, the real threat to our democracy is these baseless witch hunt investigations and lawsuits against President Trump, whether it’s [New York Attorney General Letitia] James or whether we see in the DC Circuit Court. And that is undemocratic, and it’s shredding our Constitution.”

Stefanik also posted a statement from her Executive Director on her X account blasting Goldman for supporting “radicals like Tish James” for “engaging in witchhunts against President Trump while releasing violent criminals on our streets.” The statement also smacked Goldman for calling for Trump to be “eliminated,” which some took as a threat. “Dan Goldman and Democrats are desperate because they know Joe Biden is going to lose this November,” it finished. 

Stefanik herself also pointed to that desperation as the reason for the attack on her, saying they were in “free fall.” 

Indeed, Jan. 6 seems to be about all they have left, since they have no achievements to speak about and Biden is an incoherent mess who only 28 percent of Americans think is even mentally capable of doing the job. But the more they try this gambit, the worse it seems to get for them. Even his Democratic challenger, Dean Phillips, is mocking him now, talking about how he’s “missing.” 


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