Daily Themed Crossword Hints December 19 2023

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Our Daily Themed Crossword Hints for December 19, 2023 puzzle will help you move through the grid if you’ve found yourself stuck on a clue. The Daily Themed Crossword is a daily crossword that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It’s one of the most popular crosswords in the world, known for its challenging clues and clever wordplay. The puzzle is published in the print edition of the paper and is also available online.

Daily Themed Crossword Hints, December 19, 2023

You’ll find hints for all of the crossword clues for the Daily Themed Crossword on 12/19/23. The clues are listed below, and you can click/tap on a clue to go to its page for more detail, including definitions, but if you don’t want to be immediately spoiled, you can reveal letter by letter to still offer yourself more of a challenge before revealing the full solution.

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  • (4/10) “Let’s cozy up the fireplace with a red ___ (foot warmer) or two for Santa to fill with small gifts!”

  • X-___ (what we’re celebrating throughout this month in DTC!)

  • Man’s best friend, it’s claimed

  • “Based on a ___ story” (like the movies at 44a, 50a, 52a, and 5d)

  • Tick off or anger

  • Pacific Ocean tuna

  • Mythical Himalayan beast

  • Beams of light, say

  • U.F.C. combat sport: Abbr.

  • Luggage-scanning organization: Abbr.

  • Not that bright?

  • Elegantly fashionable

  • “Kind to the nature and Earth” prefix

  • Actress Thurman of “Hollywood Stargirl”

  • Practice, as a trade

  • Travel ___ (what many countries officially enforced in 2020)

  • Up to ___ (at an expected quality)

  • Cartoonish shriek

  • Dip, as bread in gravy

  • Coleslaw, e.g.

  • Roll of bills, informally

  • Vowels other than “a” and “e”

  • Electric guitar pioneer ___ Paul

  • “Remember the ___,” 2000 sports-drama film starring Denzel Washington based on real events

  • Expression of approval, at church

  • Tokyo, before the 19th century

  • ___ spill (ocean disaster)

  • 1993 biographical sports-drama film starring Sean Astin based on real events

  • “Chariots of ___,” 1981 sports-drama starring Ben Cross based on real events

  • Commercial breaks are filled with them, for short

  • What you break with conversation?

  • “Stop ganging ___ me!”: 2 wds.

  • “It’s never ___ late to begin!”

  • Just manage, with “out”

  • A year in Brazil?

  • Porker’s pad

  • Major material for a miner

  • “Ctrl+X” command

  • Richards of the Rolling Stones

  • 2004 Olympic sports-drama film starring Kurt Russell based on real events

  • “The Altar” constellation

  • Microsoft’s alternative to Zoom

  • Title for Agatha Christie or Helen Mirren

  • Electrical resistance unit represented by Omega

  • Tragic fashion model ___ Carangi

  • Cul-de-___ (dead end)

  • Drink slowly, like tea

  • Parabolic tennis shot

  • Greeting ___ (gift for a co-worker, maybe)

  • “Life is full of ___ and downs…”

  • ___ Tai, popular Tiki cocktail

  • Coniferous tree that sounds like “you”

  • Continent touched by three oceans

  • Palindromic time for a midday meal

  • “Sons of Anarchy” actress Sagal

  • Yellowish goo, from an infection

  • Tree that might be “Slippery”?

  • “I Know What You ___ Last Summer,” 1997 horror film

  • Like a haunted house

  • Moved stealthily (rhymes with “pluck”)

  • Protein source for vegans

  • Synonym for “besides” or “moreover”

  • Grain for a horse

  • Words sealed with a kiss: 2 wds.

  • Pee ___ River

  • Strong pub option: Abbr.

  • ___ Weasley of “Harry Potter”

  • North Carolina’s ___ River State Park

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The puzzles in Daily Themed Crossword are organized around a different theme each day, with clues and answers related to that theme. For example, the theme for a particular day might be movies, and all the clues and answers would be related to movies in some way.

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The game is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, with puzzles ranging from easy to difficult. The game also includes helpful features such as hints and the ability to reveal individual letters or words to help players progress through more challenging puzzles.

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