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With the launch of this futuristic gacha no doubt you need a Cyber Rebellion tier list! Our tier list ranks all the characters you can enlist so that you can build the toughest team! Our tier lists perform best as a suggestion since they tend to be subjective. Characters that we prefer may not be your ideal unit, and that’s OK! We hope our tier list proved to be helpful at least a little bit though.

Cyber Rebellion Tier List

Now, onto the rankings!


These units are well… UNITS! Absolutely OP across the board and brilliant to entrust survivability early and late game

  • Starring Diva
  • Suzaku
  • Vermilion Dawn
  • Byakko


These characters show massive potential for team ranking. They’re tough and offer a nice statistic balance.

  • Ghost
  • Deatheye
  • Ember In Ashes
  • Neuromancer
  • Zangetsu


Averagely good and equally averagely bad. Maybe these characters are better suited as place-holders.

  • Dirty Gold
  • Oracle
  • Vanguard
  • Matrix Runner
  • Alpha Wolf
  • Barrage Fortress
  • Raiden


Heading into the weaker territory, these units perform better as early game reliable. But it’ll be time to retire them for a higher rank soon.

  • Duke Silver
  • Apat
  • Aquila
  • Data Mark


Damn, you got unlucky. We don’t recommend you play with these units by your side.

  • Prosthetic Doctor
  • Augmenter

About The Game

Cyber Rebellion brings elements inspired by Cyberpunk Edgerunners into the heart of gacha gaming. Build your squad of fighters and use their advanced futuristic tech to defeat the waves of invaders. Find yourself strategizing alongside plenty of interesting warriors across this neon verse. You know the drill, roll for units, build your elites, upgrade, and immerse in the rich lore!

You can check out Cyber Rebellion on the Official Website! Not too fast though, We also have a Cyber Rebellion Codes guide, so be sure to grab some freebies on your way out!