May 31, 2023

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With so many gamers hovering by way of the Dragon Isles on, properly, dragons, customizing your dragonriding mount in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is an effective way to face out amongst the group. By following this information, you’ll be capable of create the right dragon to go with your transmog, match along with your guildmates or showcase your achievements. We’ve additionally included the placement of every Rostrum of Transformation and how you can unlock new appearances.

Customise Dragonriding Mounts in WoW Dragonflight

To customise your dragon in WoW Dragonflight, it’s essential go to a Rostrum of Transformation. Proper-clicking a rostrum will open a menu much like a Barber Store and the character creation display. Right here, you may personalize any of your Dragonriding mounts to your coronary heart’s content material with the appearances you’ve unlocked or bought.

Dragon Customization Screen Wow Dragonflight

Picture: PC Invasion / Blizzard Leisure

As well as, you may as well preview appearances you’ve but to unlock on this display by hovering over them. When you’ve chosen your favourite colours, options, and decorations, clicking Settle for will change your dragon’s look the following time you summon it.

The place to Discover a Rostrum of Transformation in WoW Dragonflight

The primary Rostrum of Transformation gamers use is positioned in Valdrakken, on a perch overlooking The Artisian’s Market. For TomTom customers, the coordinates are 25.02, 50.81.

Rostrum Of Transformation Valdrakken Wow Dragonflight

Picture: PC Invasion / Blizzard Leisure

You’ll find different Rostrums of Transformation within the following areas:

  • Skytop Observatory in Waking Shores (74,58)
  • Misty Canyon Overlook in Azure Span (63, 13)
  • Rusza’thar Attain in Ohn’ahran plains (84, 35)

Unlock New Dragon Customization Choices in WoW Dragonflight

You’ve probably already picked up Drakewatcher Manuscript throughout your adventures within the Dragon Isles, whether or not by way of a quest or from the corpse of a uncommon mob. By utilizing these, you may completely unlock new methods to customise your dragon — and sure, they’re account large!

Drakewatcher Manuscripts might be obtained by way of numerous sources, with most main choices (equivalent to colours and armor) being purchasable from faction distributors as soon as reaching a sure degree of Renown. Every customization possibility is exclusive to its particular dragon species, nevertheless.

Different Drakewatcher Manuscript sources embrace:

  • Professions
  • Dungeon and Raid drops
  • Achievements
  • Uncommon Elite and world drops
  • Quest rewards
  • Dragonrider Racing World Quests
  • World Occasions

Epic-quality Drakewatcher Manuscripts are generally known as Full Transformations. Because the identify suggests, these utterly remodel your dragon with a singular look, and its options can’t be individually custom-made. An instance is the Renewed Proto-Drake’s  Storm-Eater transformation, which has a low probability of dropping from the raid boss Raszageth.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is on the market by way of the Battle.internet launcher.

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