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Behold our Cursed Sea Race tier list that can be used to help you decide whether you should be rerolling or not!

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Cursed Sea Race Tier List

Rolling for a new race on Cursed Sea? Each one comes with its own buffs and cosmetic changes. Some come with 2 buffs, some come with 1, and others might as well have none due to being completely useless.

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S Tier

These races provide the strongest buffs in Cursed Sea.

  • Waterborne
    • 10% drop rate
    • Movement speed while traversing in water is increased
    • Take half the DMG from oncoming Water attacks

A Tier

The races in this tier not only look cool, but they have pretty useful buffs too!

  • Heavenborne
    • 5% drop rate
    • HP Regen is increased by +5%
  • Moonborne
    • 1% drop rate
    • Resistance to DMG is buffed by +1%

B Tier

Okay, they might have a great aesthetic, but the buffs are fairly mid.

  • Demonborne
    • 1% drop rate
    • Your attack using M1 scales by +1
  • Demihuman
    • 10% drop rate
    • 2x movement speed

C Tier

Not worth it, but this section includes the more common ones to drop.

  • Human
    • 68% drop rate
    • Stamina gets a +20% regeneration buff

D Tier

These races might as well have no buffs at all (or they actually don’t!).

  • No entries in this lowest tier – yet!

About Cursed Sea

Cursed Sea is a Roblox game that takes you to the seven seas as you engage in combat on the waters. Progress through a range of quests as you improve your mastery by taking part in battles.

Wield different curses to find which is best for you and dive into PvP challenges with combat that relies on excelling in parrying!