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Our guide tells you the Cursed Arena Boss Spawn Times so you know how long you have to prepare before facing off against the strengths of the servers! Bosses always have a chance at dropping insane loot such as cosmetics and movesets.

Cursed Arena slams you into the heart of a PvPer’s dream. You spawn in and more often than not immediately get rag-dolled by other players. If you manage to find your footing, Cursed Arena is a free-for-all battleground-style game where you use the techniques and abilities familiar to Jujutsu Kaisen and hurl them at other players.

You can check out Cursed Arena over on Roblox. If you like JJK-style games but don’t wanna commit to just one we have a bunch of guides on other Roblox JJK experiences! Jujutsu Chronicles Codes and Jujutsu Chronicles Clans.

Cursed Arena Boss Spawn Times

Oops, I was talking too much and a boss has spawned!

Boss Spawn Times

Bosses won’t spawn naturally in public servers. However, in private servers players have noticed that a boss has a chance to spawn in 30 minutes after the server creation. This isn’t a guarantee and may be a feature which is removed in the future due to private servers being free, but for now, it’s good to bank on the grind! So far, the Special Curse Boss has been the recorded boss spawn in private servers.

Ticket Spawned Bosses

We did cover a more complete guide on Ticket Spawned Bosses right here! Cursed Arena Bosses Guide. Tickets allow for boss spawns in any server. VIP players are awarded one free ticket per day. However, for the majority of normal players, the boss spawn will need to be earned and bought. During PvP you will accumulate Yen as a reward.  Boss Tickets cost either 145 Robux or 300 Yen per spawn.

Or there is always the option of hanging around a stronger player until they can afford a Ticket. Then you can both tag-team the boss together, though whether the player is happy to do that or not is down to chance!