Crunchyroll Game Vault adds Ponpu and Yuppie Psycho to growing library of exclusive mobile games

Crunchyroll has added two more hits to Crunchyroll Game Vault, letting subscribers to the Crunchyroll Mega and Ultimate Fan services get their hands on these mobile titles for the price of membership. Joining the library of premium mobile titles are 2D action puzzler Ponpu and survival horror Yuppie Psycho, now available to play along with River City Girls, Behind the Frame, Wolfstride, inbento and more.

In the latest update to Crunchyroll Game Vault, you can expect more curated titles offering premium and exclusive mobile experiences with the upcoming Developer Portal. Here, devs can submit their works in progress along with existing games in their portfolio to expand the vault’s roster of games directly.

“Crunchyroll Game Vault’s latest titles, coupled with the upcoming One Punch Man: World launch on January 31, mark the beginning of a tremendous year for gaming at Crunchyroll. Throughout 2024, we will work with developers to bring more games to mobile for the first time and bring new features to existing hits,” says Terry Li, Executive Vice President of Emerging Business and General Manager of Crunchyroll Games at Crunchyroll. “Our Developer Portal is another step in our commitment to working with developers eager to bring games to Crunchyroll’s fans.”

The titles within Crunchyroll Game Vault have no ads or in-app purchases, and they’re exclusively available on Crunchyroll. This means that you won’t be able to play these games on mobile anywhere else. If you’re curious about it, you can have a look at our Crunchyroll Game Vault review to get an idea. If you’d like to give it a quick test run to see if it’s your cup of tea, Crunchyroll is actually offering a free trial for you to give the service a go for 14 days, so you can access both Ponpu and Yuppie Psycho first before committing to a subscription.