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Welcome to our Critical Revengeance Class tier list, where every unlockable class in the unqiue RPG is analysed and ranked depending on how fun, strong, and versatile they are.

Play now via the game’s official Roblox page. Want to learn more about the individual classes in Critical Revengeance? Check out our Critical Revengeance Classes guide that goes into further detail about our top picks!

Critical Revengeance Class Tier List

With classes being unlocked in the Pre Gate and Post Gate areas, you may be wondering which class to go with from here. Take a look at the tier list below to see where I’ve ranked every class in the game so far!

S Tier

The best classes in Critical Revengeance. Not only are they fun to play, but they also provide multiple layers of experimentation in battle.

  • Kunai
    • A melee class that works to inflict status effects on enemies during combat.
  • Heretic
    • A fantastic support class that focuses on buffing allies and debuffing enemies.

A Tier

Runners-up, but still strong nonetheless.

  • Katars
    • Inflicts massive amounts of damage, but it takes a little bit of time to stack up the hits
  • Mage
    • Great ranged class that works similarly to Heretic, but mainly focuses on dealing damage – with some buff orbs too!

B Tier

These mid-range classes certainly have their highs and lows.

  • Bow
    • There’s nothing overly special about the Bow class, except for the fact that you can stack arrows and help to buff your allies – even the passive is pretty unimpressive and lacklustre

C Tier

Pretty boring classes that I wouldn’t recommend.

  • Shield
    • It may be the tankier class, but is it worth using? Not really. Your defense stat may be high, but other than that, nothing else really shines

D Tier

The worst classes in Critical Revengeance.

  • Combo
    • The starter class, so, therefore, it’s the weakest!