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This Critical Revengeance Beginners guide is your go-to for when you’re getting to grips with the game! Combat can be confusing at first, and crafting can be overwhelming. But, with our easy-to-digest guide, you’ll be on your way to levelling up soon enough.

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Critical Revengeance Beginners Guide

If, like me, you’re at the start of Critical Revengeance and you’re confused, join the club! I’ve compiled my best tips for those new to the game, and how I managed to work around some of the problems I encountered. To start, focus on farming the slimes!

The Combat

So, the combat’s quite different, right? Instead of wielding a weapon and attacking your enemy with it, you have to absorb the orbs that appear on the battlefield. Depending on the class you’ve chosen, the orbs will have different abilities. You can’t go running into a fight expecting to hit the opponent with a blade or arrow – it’s all about the orbs!

The main thing is to avoid the attacks. Sounds obvious, right? AoE attacks are prevalent, and some enemies will leave behind areas that must be avoided for a short while. Your goal is to jump and hit the orbs that spawn in, which will either deal damage to your foe or give you buffs. It’s a really unique and fun way to battle, in my opinion.

If you’re struggling with combat, it’s best to upgrade your character’s gear, and craft some potions! Or, search around for some chests so you can get your hands on a few freebies as you get used to the battling system.


Utilise crafting as much as possible! You’ll need potions and various other items at certain points in your playthrough. You can use some of the craftable items as accessories and gear too, which grant you a variety of stat boosts and more. Some tools can be bought from shops throughout the game, so make sure to browse when you get the opportunity to do so. You can forage materials from bushes and trees as well, but the correct tool is required.

Here’s my best tip! You can pin a recipe to your hotbar so that you can craft it on the go. I recommend doing this for the items you use the most, or the recipe you’re currently working towards so you can keep track of your gathered materials.


Don’t forget to set spawn points as you explore. They are essentially campsites with a roaring fire, so hop onto a log, hold down E, and set the new spawn point! This means, if you die, you won’t have to travel very far to get back to where you were. Additionally, resting at a campsite replenishes your HP! Stay on the lookout for chests as you wander around, as they contain a range of free items.

If you don’t want to fight against an enemy, I recommend keeping a wide berth from them, as you can initiate combat by being slightly close to them.