Creative Destiny 2 Titan Becomes Marty McFly, Complete With Hoverboard


  • Destiny 2 players showcase creativity by mimicking iconic film characters with unique armor combinations and shaders.
  • Ever-evolving customization options in the game allow players to recreate favorite characters and concepts with vast cosmetic choices.
  • Community praise for Marty McFly outfit highlights the fun and inventive spirit of player expression in Destiny 2.

A Destiny 2 player has brought a touch of the sci-fi film Back to the Future Part 2 into the Last City with an inventive new Guardian outfit. Their assemblage of Destiny 2 Titan armor and shaders recalls the appearance of young time traveler Marty McFly as he was seen in the film, complete with a futuristic hoverboard.

Destiny 2 continues to be a reliable font of creativity when it comes to seeing what kinds of new looks and evocative designs come out of its player community. Because developer Bungie has spent years boosting the Destiny 2 Eververse store revenue by adding new ways for players to customize their appearances, the armor and shader selection available in the game is vast and full of potential. Longtime players have a wide array of cosmetic options to choose from, whether they’re recreating the appearance of a character from a current multiplayer obsession like Helldivers 2 or bringing some other concept to life.


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Destiny 2 Player Recreates Marty McFly as a Titan

The player that brought the far-future dystopia of 2015 to transhuman present of Destiny 2‘s time period goes by I_am_Rezix on the DestinyFashion subreddit. There they posted their approximation of Marty McFly, as he appeared in the legendary Back to the Future film trilogy (specifically Back to the Future Part 2). For the task, they used several parts exclusive to the Destiny 2 Titan class, earning praise from members of the community and second glances from fellow Guardians in the Tower.

I_am_Rezix’s Marty McFly costume centers on the Titan’s leg and torso armor, using the premium Eververse Luxe Parka and Cogent Beat Greaves ornaments. Since the Luxe and Cogent Beat sets are both inspired by modern street wear, the color blocking of the Vanguard Marshal and Vanguard Flashfire shaders approximates the appearance of Marty’s orange down vest, blue jeans, and high-top sneakers. The costume is completed by the Synthoceps Exotic arms, made lower-profile by their Augmented Auspice ornaments. For a bit of Back to the Future Part 2 flair, I_am_Rezix applied the Methane Explorer shader to the new Destiny 2 Guardian Games skimmer vehicle, making it the same shade of pink as the hoverboard Marty rode in the movie.

The DestinyFashion community congratulated I_am_Rezix on their achievement, praising the costume’s look, particularly the creativity expressed in pairing the hoverboard with the Marty McFly concept. One player even suggested finding a spaceship that looks like Back to the Future‘s legendary DMC Delorean time machine car. I_am_Rezix pointed out that the game’s Synthowl ship is available in the Eververse store, and is part of a bundle of cosmetic items all but explicitly inspired by the Back to the Future Part 2 flying Delorean model.

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