Coral Island: Ocean Caves Explained

Coral Island’s enigmatic Ocean Caves have left some players puzzled, wondering if these underwater zones hold any valuable treasures and if exploring them is worthwhile. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll uncover every detail about Ocean Caves and get valuable tips on maximizing your exploration experience.


Coral Island: All Artifacts

In order to complete the museum in Coral Island, players need to donate every bug, fish, and artifact to fill up those empty exhibits.

Ocean Caves Explained

an scene from the ocean missions in coral island.

Ocean Caves are underwater grids of rooms filled with Trash and other comparable resources. Unlike the Mines, Ocean Caves do not spawn any enemies or critters, ensuring a completely safe exploration. These locations are primarily designed to provide divers with unlimited access to common resources.

While Ocean Caves pose no immediate danger, it’s essential to have high stamina and upgraded tools to explore them effectively.

Although the resources within these caves are unlimited,
the number of rooms available for exploration is finite
. As a result, you’ll eventually exhaust all available areas to explore within the caves.

How to Unlock Ocean Caves

cho oyu in coral island.

Once you’ve unlocked the Merfolk Kingdom region, your next objective is to rendezvous with the King and Queen and fulfill the “Explore the Ocean” quest. Following this, you’ll need to meet up with Cho Oyu and commence the Unwanted Guest Quest. Completing this mission will grant you entry to the Ocean Caves.

How to Navigate Ocean Caves

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Upon entering the initial room, continue clearing the area until the next pathway unlocks. Unlike the Mines, the Caves do not provide guidance through each level, requiring you to determine the location of the next grid’s gate.

To exit the Ocean Caves, interact with the teleportation shrine located in each room’s corner. Additionally, you can backtrack to a previously cleared room, as the Ocean Caves do not lock the gates.

Ocean Caves’ Locations

map showing coral island's ocean caves.

Four Ocean Caves are situated in different zones: Se Pulu, Dua Pulu, Empat Pulu, and Lima Pulu. Se Pulu is found in the southwestern area of the Ocean, while Dua Pulu is located to the right of Se Pulu, south of the Ocean. Empat and Lima Pulu are positioned to the north of these zones.

What to Look for in Ocean Caves

coral island diving resources kelp kelp essence

Coral Island offers Ocean Caves as unlimited farming sections for Trash, Coffer, Kelp, and Fossil Nodes. Within each cave room, you’ll come across a variety of randomly spawned materials, with Trash being the most plentiful and Kelp the most elusive. As you venture deeper into the caves, you’ll encounter various types of Coffers, including Ornate, Shimmering, Mysterious, Marble, and Pirate. The latter two are typically found at depths ranging from 40 to 50 meters.

Clearing the Trash in Ocean Caves won’t unlock any additional features. The materials in these areas are only meant to be farmed.

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Coral Island

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