CookieRun: Tower of Adventurers – Apply for Close Beta Test Today

Devsisters Corp. has announced a brand mobile game based on the CookieRun IP, called CookieRun: Tower of Adventurers. From now till 17 January, Players can register your interest to participate in the upcoming close beta test.

It seems like Devsisters are working hard on expanding the CookieRun IP these days. They have recently launched the CookieRun TCG in Korea while the English version is planned for February. Now they have announced a new mobile game that is of a different genre from all its current CookieRun mobile games.

Tower of Adventures is a Action game with single player campaign and multi-player co-op gameplay. Players can expect to collect familiar Cookies from the original and also new ones that are unique to Tower of Adventures.

The Close Beta Test will take place from Jan 19 to Feb 4 2024. All participants of the CBT will receive special in-game coupon codes for when the game releases. Players can also compete in the Ranking Challenge to receive more in-game coupons or even a $10 Google Play Gift card.

Close Beta Signup Here

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