Concept Art Emerges Online for Cancelled TimeSplitters Revival

Free Radical Design was recently shut down by Embracer Group, under three years since it was re-established to begin development on a new instalment for the dormant TimeSplitters franchise. In the wake of the studio’s shuttering, concept art for the first person shooter, which is thought to be cancelled, has emerged online.

The art has been shared by a number of developers who were members of the Free Radical team that was working on the game, who have shared the pieces on their ArtStation profiles, which has then been compiled by the community on the fan-run Free Radical wiki.

The concept art showcases a variety of locations, weapons, characters, and assets that had been created for the game. You can view a selection of the environment art below, showcasing a Wild West town and its surrounding areas, a futuristic city, a Soviet base in an icy biome, overgrown ruins in a dense forest, and a city sporting Brutalist architecture.

Whether Embracer Group is still planning on reviving the TimeSplitters franchise following Free Radical Design’s shuttering remains to be seen, but currently, the future is looking dire for the IP.