Coach Tovarich vs. the World

With the Sweet 16 going on, I’ve already written about missing college basketball video games, but another way to get your fix is reading up in the Dynasty HQ of the forums, and there’s not much better for College Hoops 2K8 than OS user Tovarich and his Coach Tovarich Career Legacy.

Tovarich has just gone on hiatus, but that’s all the more reason I wanted to call out his amazing work for his on again, off again College Hoops 2K8 series that runs on humor and personality. It’s not as multimedia focused as some of the other amazing projects on the site, but it’s my favorite one to read because Coach Tovarich has the perfect blend of sarcasm meets Bobby Knight.

Here’s one exchange from early in coach’s career that begins at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore:

Reporter: What changed on this road trip to win 3 when you couldn’t win one before?

Tovarich: Nothing. We’re doing the same thing we always do. We’re against more level competition in conference. We’re second to last in RPI for a reason.

Reporter: You’re only 2 games out of first, do you have increased expectations for where you can finish the season?

Tovarich: Not at all. Just stay out of last and make it to the postseason and wait for some new players to arrive.

Coach Tovarich has gone on a ride during his run here in College Hoops 2K8 as he bounces from school to school, and you should go scope it out and see where it goes in between watching both the women’s and men’s Sweet 16 games this weekend.