December 4, 2023

Need to find that final piece of equipment to perfect your build? You need my Clover Retribution drops guide. Here, I’ve listed all of the bosses you can defeat in the Roblox RPG, along with all of the drops you can earn for defeating them. I’ll update this guide whenever a new boss or drop arrives, as well, so I recommend bookmarking it and checking back often. That way, you’ll always have access to the latest gear.

Clover Retribution is a Roblox RPG that sends you on an adventure in a world of magic. You explore a wide open world, unlocking various magical abilities, and using them to increase your power and pool of spells. You’ll also level up, gather new gear, and grow in power to take on the most challenging content.

You can check out Clover Retribution on Roblox. We’ve also got Clover Retribution magic, Clover Retribution update, and Clover Retribution grimoires guides.

Clover Retribution Drops

Now, let’s take a look at a list of bosses and what you can get for defeating them.

Alpha Wolf

The Alpha Wolf is one of the first bosses that you will encounter in Clover Retribution, and you will need to defeat it to complete the following two quests:

You earn 65 XP and 75 Weapon or Magic Mastery for doing so. The Alpha Wolf can summon two wolves to assist it in combat, and howls to apply AoE fear to everyone attacking.

Alpha Wolf Drops

  • Alpha Wolf Scarf
  • Wolf Fur
  • Lupine Shadow Plate


The Ogre is a formidable boss that you have to defeat to complete the Timeston quest, earning 250 XP for doing so. The Ogre deals bludgeoning damage with its massive club.

Ogre Boss Drops

  • Iron
  • Old Adventurer’s Spear
  • Ogrebane Pike
  • Ogrebane Ironblade
  • Bones
  • Ogre Hide


Vennum is a warrior that you will encounter during the main quest in Clover Retribution. They deal slashing damage, and grant you 150 XP and 185 Magic or Weapon Mastery upon defeat.

Vennum Boss Drops


The Yetti is a terrifying boss in Clover Retribution, which you encounter during the Yetti Quest. With its gigantic hands, the Yetti deals bludgeoning damage, and grants you 250 XP, Weapon, and Magic Mastery upon defeating it.

Yetti Boss Drops

  • Yetti Horn Spear
  • Yetti Horn Sword
  • Yetti Fur
  • Yetti Horn

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